Karl Lagerfeld Blasts Adele as "Too Fat"

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Adele has been nominated for six Grammy Awards. Her album, "21," has sat atop the Billboard 200 chart for, oh, about 197 weeks.

Yet these achievements apparently are not enough for fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld, who went off randomly to Metro US this week, saying of the current crop of female artists:

"The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice. Lana Del Rey is not bad at all. She looks very much like a modern-time singer. In her photos she is beautiful. Is she a construct with all her implants? She’s not alone with implants.”

Adele with a Trophy

Of course, considering the aforementioned accomplishments, this quote begs the question: Too fat for... what? Not for success and popularity, clearly.

Too fat, perhaps, for the 78-year old Lagerfeld to sleep with? Adele will try to live with that realization. We know it may be difficult for her.

Lagerfeld also commented on M.I.A.'s lewd Super Bowl gesture, profoundly saying of the rapper's raised middle finger:

"Nowadays people give the middle finger quite quickly – it's not the best behavior. Everybody does that, what's new about that? It's just become a bad habit. People in magazines are 50% bimbo and 50% pregnant women."


I would gladly give him the finger, followed by a kick to his nasty old dangly sand bags!!


And Karl is King of?????????????????????????????


And he is ugly and disgusting so i don't think he should say anything about anybody.


totally agree with Lori.....at 78 he should have better manners and not speak ill of others...and yes, he's "too" gay. Maybe it's all an act for attention...when was the last time ANYONE wore his clothes? 1985???


This is not to say that Karl Lagerfeld wasn't being inappropriate, but he's 78 years old. People that old say funny things & and it's better try and not get offended.


So Karl Lagerfeld thinks Adele is too fat? Well. Karl Lagerfeld is too gay. So there. (Neither is anybody else's business.)


We live in an day and age when being intolerant is considered ignorant, boorish, and ill-bred. Yet it's interesting that there are certain areas of prejudice that are still allowed. That unfortunately render a certain segment of the population vulnerable to the cruelty of society. Is it anymore unjust that person be judged by their size as it is for a person to be judged by the color of their skin or ethnicity? Think about it.


I was listening to her before I had ever seen her, and I liked her voice, her music, and her lyrics. I have never been a fan of a singer or a band because they look good. It's hard for some people too stay thin, this is just as offensive to me as saying someone is too Black or too Asian. Really get your head out of your ass. I suppose Mr. Lagerfeld would like for her to start doing Cocaine and get nice and skinny. If perfect looks meant talent than R.E.M., Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters would have no talent at all. Oh and I think Adele is pretty, yeah you heard me a little fat doesn't make you unattractive. On the other hand being an ass hole does.

Wv peach

Lagerfeld should be horse-whipped. I suppose he has forgotten the 40+ years he was grossly overweight and wore caftans! This is the reason the fashion world is in such despair: misogynistic men telling women what their bodies must look like to be "beautiful". Adele is a lovely young woman with a voice that belies her petite stature. I adore her music and think it's refreshing to see a woman that represents most women today. Sorry for the rant, but I detest Lagerfeld for this. BTW, I read he had Lap Band surgery to lose weight. Asshole.


Skinny people are hungry people. Maybe if he ate a sandwich he wouldnt be such an ass. Adele, do your thing girl!!!

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