Kanye West Album Cover: In Honor of Kim Kardashian?

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Picture Kim Kardashian nude. Okay, granted, that isn't much of a challenge.

But now picture her in white paint, hands over breasts, eyes closed and hair curled. You end up with the cover art of Kanye West's new album, don't you?

Kanye West Album Art

The rapper unveiled the cover for "Cruel Summer" last night on Twitter, a CD that comes out on September 4 and which features the two singles West recently debuted  "Mercy" and "New God Flow."

But, really, most of the attention here will be on the portrait itself. We've seen plenty of Kardashian topless, so it's not like we don't have rather sharp comparison points. Do you agree?

Is this album meant to illustrate Kim Kardashian?

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Kanye West Album Cover: In Honor of Kim Kardashian?
Ain't it the hottest thing?
Good luck!


i think is iside!!!!


hahaha this is such a joke
i dnt think there even in love lol


What about that fat ass ... you know the one that will be dragging on the floor in another 4 years? I'm sorry but that ass is a product of lordosis.


Since Kanye feels he has found the perfect woman, you would think he would show some respect for her and not refer to her as a dog. And I have to wonder how much respect Kim has for herself to stay with a man that refers to her as a bitch.


Whoever it is, the artwork is awful. I doubt whether Kardashian would be delighted with this (if it is her).


Whoever it is, the artwork is awful. I doubt whether Kardashian would be delighted with this (if it is her).


Kanye is very talented. Also he's a bit of an asshole. However, when he gets sucked into the Kardasian Klan he will be castrated (Kastrated?) by Kris and be the same as every other male in the family - only a patsy for the women. Good Luck, Kanye. And keep one hand over your junk at all times.


@ZZ TOP - LOL, if it was a small doorway she'd have to squeeze sideways, should probably scream 'publicity whore sex tape' and the whole family would be there


Not trashy/slutty enough looking to be her. And he definitely couldn't use her lower half for the cover. Her huge disproportionate fat ass would require a gigantic cover that wouldn't fit on the store shelf.