Hank Williams Jr. on Barack Obama: We've Got a Muslim President and We Hate Him!

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Ah, Hank Williams Jr.

Guy really needs to join fellow musicians Ted Nugent and Dave Mustaine on a Anti-Obama Conspiracy Tour 2012. The sound bites would be incredible.

At his concert Friday night at the Iowa State Fair - where Obama bought beers earlier in the week - Williams absolutely laid into the President on stage.

What did he say, exactly?

Hank Williams, Jr. Photo
Obama Speech

Following Williams' song "We Don’t Apologize For America” a chant of “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A” broke out amongst the crowd, according to the Des Moines Register.

Hank told the crowd he was their mouthpiece, and said, “We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the US and we hate him!”

The cheers that followed were loud and enthusiastic.

A hard-line Republican, Williams was fired by ESPN last fall after dropped after he made similarly offensive comments about President Obama last year.

Amazingly, Hank's belief that Barack is Muslim (he's Christian) is only the second most absurd thing we've heard a musician say about him this week.

Did you guys know Obama staged the Aurora shooting?!?

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Obama is a Muslim. Why else did he cancel the national day of prayer and have a Muslim crowd pray behind Capitol Hill? I have nothing against Muslims, I just wish he would stop claiming to be something he's not, just to get the vote. P.S. Michelle is ugly.


Hank Williams Jr.....just a hick, closet homo, cumstain redneck. He is not 1/4th man or singer his dad was. Just a ugly, drunk/drugged loser trying to get some attention. Hank....FO forever.

Wv peach

Check the spelling of "separation" dingbat.

Wv peach

Matt you must be one of the most inbred ignorant rednecks I've encountered in a long time. Just because I dare to call you out for being the ass you are, I must be black or a minority of some sort. I don't owe you or your pals an expose of my background, but rest assured, I WILL continue to call you out as the double-speaking RACIST you are. For the record, I said Wayne Brady was wrong to talk about Palin's son.........who cares if the statement was made by a black or white? Wrong is wrong, but you can't understand that. I detest people like you.....convinced you are right about everything. YOU make everything regarding Obama racially based. The man inherited a cluster fuck of issues left by "Dubya", but you give no credit for anything. What a waste of sperm you were,


There is no SEPERATION of Obama and Race -so you will have to adjust when you say you have no interest in my politics. If it wasn't for Obama and him being black- you wouldn't even be talking! I don't rant- I speak a message. Now- I assume you got what you wanted? We have nothing left to discuss? Good!


Peach- you are Black or tied to that in one way or another. . You feel you must defend because you are in it deep. Peach- Obama was a Jr. SENATOR. 2 years " Total" under his belt! Tell me peach- what white person on the face of this earth could have ever become President with that portfolio? None- that's the answer peach. Blacks make up 14% of the pop. Not enough to elect anyone. So who voted for him peach? I know Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson did- ( Tea Party) haters. Here's who you are peach- You are the Rubber Stamp! You scream Racism the moment someone disagrees with blacks. You play the card because that's all you know how to do. You are somehow invested to the point where you feel obligated. You are handcuffed to an environment you created and you will defend that even when knowing they are wrong. You obviously look stupid and your comments are so one sided it's pathetic. You guy will lose.

Wv peach

Ah, it is the stone in my shoe, Matt. Olive branch? Come now, we both know that's a steaming pile of shit. My issues with you are your subliminal racial messages. I could care less what your political agenda is, but I cannot tolerate ignorance and racially motivated rants. Obama's election pulled back the ugly blanket of prejudice and polarized the nation. A fair argument seems to elude you.


Now Peach- you know you don't mean that. Even With all your faults I still have tried to pass the olive Branch? I realize this election brings out the worst in you and I. It probably comes across as If I can't stand you- not true. Don't get me wrong even if it was 2013- I probably wouldnt like you anyway .. But still. Every method used was learned from you trolls. We both know that. That Zimmerman crucifix - was the worst I've ever seen. It spoke volumes. Reminds me of democrat superPac ads.

Wv peach

@Eyes: feel better now? You guys always have negative things to say, especially your BFF Matt. Don't you start in on me because I am sick to death of you. Yes, you're guilty of snarky comments, usually peppered with some incorrect and biased information. If anyone should shut the Hell up, it should be you. You make me sick.


@ Peachy....I don't either! Your mantra has been a political one and anyone who disagrees with you gets your put down. Simple as that! You have no credible argument here! You do the very things you criticize others of doing here. Face it or forever SHUT UP! You sound ridiculous!

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