Four More Beers: President Obama Grabs Some Buds at Iowa State Fair

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With V.P. nominee Paul Ryan energizing the Republican base and Joe Biden trying to rile up ... well, everybody, President Obama campaigned for reelection at the Iowa State Fair yesterday, making his case to voters the old-fashioned way:

Giving away free beers at the Budweiser tent.

President Obama in Iowa

Barack actually yelled to the crowd, "Hey, everybody who's over 21, you gotta buy a beer!" Obama then bought 12 - two for himself, 10 for people in line behind him.

Obama's appearance was a poorly-kept secret, drawing thousands of fans, and creating security nightmares at the Hawkeye State's popular annual event.

But come on, a free beer from the Prez? Totally worth it.

Watch a couple of videos of his visit after the jump ...

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it's been proven over and over since Ronald the Clown Reagan, that Trickle Down is just that...trickle down your legs ! If you give business owners more tax breaks, they put the money in their pockets. They don't hire, create, or buy. They STASH ! When Clinton raised taxes, small business was FORCED to buy,creat, hire to get TAX BENIFITS, they could not stash money so the put their money to work and in so doing, put Americans to work. This is how Trickle Down Economics doesn't work. Plain and simple. Dog ain't hunting. You Iowa hillbillys wise up......


looks like fun


I stand by my comment. The only moron is YOU! Yes,I know you were commenting to Garrett, but another individual has the right to comment as well. I notice you love to tell people they are not intelligent when your comments lack a substantive quality necessary to make a well-formed political argument that lends credence to your perspective. Instead, you use sarcasm and unwarranted put-downs in a feeble attempt at making a credible case. Nice try, but it fell flat! Try a few courses at the local community college to freshen up your intellect and political view. It may prove surprisingly helpful to you!


@Rah-Rah Girl – too bad that you are a moron who can’t read and knows nothing about the political system. I suggest you stay in school or go back to get your GED so that you can eventually have an intelligent conversation – good luck dear. BTW, my comment was to garrett, not stupid and foolish old you


Chely and Lana...are you two sisters?!? Only trolls worry about stuff being erased! @Lana you expect folks to take you seriously when you're throwing F-bombs and in the same breath telling potential voters HOW to vote?!? Geesh! Nobody care what you think...folks will vote their conscience. Let 'em! It's a free country.


@garrett - hi, I don't have issue with Obama partying. I have a problem with him and Romney's BS as American jobs fly out of the country. They present no solutions (tariffs, taxing companies that outsource, etc.). Every large American company doing business in the USA has ramped up their Outsourcing Department with the single goal of sending American jobs overseas. Example - Coach and Ralph Lauren want Americans to buy their expensive products Made In China.


Lana, idk who you are but, as usual, I agree with you 110%! You are a smart person. That being said... I am embarrassed that our president would drink bad beer. So many great beers to choose from!!!!


Fuck anyone who makes any election into a race issue instead of looking at the real issues and voting for the candidate who can fix the issues – soaring unemployment, American jobs going to China and India, plummeting 401K values due to corporate greed and CEO fraud…


Fuck everyone that talks shit on Obama. That's a real man right there if he's drinking a Budweiser and not giving a shit what anyone has to say


He should be more concerned that you can't find American made products in stores. Every day more American jobs are sent overseas. Companies like GE, AIG (remember their taxpayer sponsored bailout?) CB Richard Ellis are sending American jobs overseas, or choosing to employ cheap overseas labor, instead of American workers. Where is the legislature to stop this Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney?

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