ESPN to Hank Williams, Jr.: You're Fired!!!!

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Hank Williams, Jr., has officially been fired by ESPN, ending the country crooner's 22-year run as the singer of the network's Monday Night Football intro theme.

His recent of comparison of President Obama to Hitler was the cause.

ESPN already pulled Hank's song from Monday's game as they mulled Williams' fate, but has now decided to cut ties with him permanently. The network said:

"We appreciate his contributions over the past years, however, the success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue."

Ouch. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Hank also called Obama and Joe Biden "the enemy" and "the three stooges" (he did not reveal the third stooge's identity).

Minutes after getting canned, Williams dubiously tried to claim HE LEFT his easy, famous, high-paying gig at ESPN, saying in a statement, "I have made MY decision."

The irate singer adds, "By pulling my opening Oct 3rd, You (ESPN) stepped on the Toes of The First Amendment Freedom of Speech, so therefore Me, My Song, and All My Rowdy Friends are OUT OF HERE. It’s been a great run.”

Like so many, Williams apparently does not understand the First Amendment.

This right allows him to say what he likes without fear of persecution, yes. It does not, however, preclude a private company from firing him for being a dumbass.

Sorry, Hank. Herman Cain would agree with us, here: Blame yourself.

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Jay is the only one here so far that really understands what Hank was saying, I remember people comparing Bush with Hitler and I dont remember any out cry of disapproval from the media or liberals.And Kim if the president wants people to respect him maybe he should respect the American people ,and believe it or not people can not like some one for other reasons than color ,people are so fast to play the race card. And as far as accepting that we have a black president,I believe most dont care what color he is as long as he does his job well. in fact at this time im hoping Mr Cain runs and would probably vote for him.


Love it ,love it, love it
and love u Hank...


Just for the record, it's Spaniards, not Spanyards!


I would like to agree with Lisa Heath that virtually everything in this country is about the acquisition of money and what it will buy and accomplish for those who have it. However; other things also entered into the firing of Hank Williams. Fortunately most of the legitimate, and credible media are usually aware that some things are too offensive to be tolerated. Please notice that some of the people participating in the FOX interview with Williams were taken aback by the comparison that he made between President Obama and Hitler. Please remember that Fox News is the most vociferous antagonist against President Obama. Furthermore; the word "PIG" can justifiably be used like any other word when it applies, without it being ascribed to the person who uses it when it does not apply.


Jay, please be advised that Webster's Dictionary defines an analogy as follows: 1.Inference that if two or more things agree in some respects, they will probably agree in others. Do you get it? Remember that the question concerned President Obama and The Speaker of the House playing golf together, and William's ABSURD response. It was not necessary for him to speak President Obama's name. The INFERENCE was clear. Everyone on the planet knows who and what he meant, even the obvious and closeted racists haters who will defend those of their ilk to the death. Unfortunately, some DISEASES are INCURABLE!!


first off kim, christopher columbus was a spanyard, and last time i checked spanyards werent the majority white ppl in usa.. 2nd of all who r u telling to get over it? obviosly a majority of people voted for him or he wouldnt have got in office so dont act like nobody wanted him there except black people. if blacks r the minorities then even every black vote wouldnt be majority.. get it or did that go over ur head like the analogy hank made? hey rex, what exactly did he say?? bcuz if u saw the interview for yourself instead of reading the media garb that he made some comparison, you would realize that he didnt say anything offensive. his comparison was of 2 sworn enemies teaming up and playing golf, not of the people itself. again i pose the question, who would have a problem if he used batman and the joker? or would that mean that he compared obama to a comic book?


Hard to believe this is America....Wish you the Best Hank!


Mindy, Obama had nothing to do with Williams firing. i was surprised when they just gave him more than a suspension..but when the controversy happened, some people weighed in they were tired of the ESPN probably had a memory click..why not get rid of Williams at this opportune time and get a new song or theme!!


The fact that you have freedom of speech does not mean that you will not suffer negative consequences for what you say. ESPN did the right thing by firing this yahoo for what he said. The patience, dignity and self control that Mr. Obama has shown while suffering insult, after insult from people who are not fit to shine his shoes, is truly amazing. Despite the differences people might have with his politics, this country should be proud to have such a brilliant and capable man as their President. To do good for this country, he only needs some cooperation from those who hate him, for no legitimate reason.


With all due respect, if your going to call people racist pigs you might want to refrain from sounding like a racist yourself... if, that is, you want to be taken seriously at all.

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