Gabby Douglas Reveals Post-Victory McDonald's Meal as Jay Leno Smiles, Michelle Obama Rolls Eyes

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On the Tonight Show Monday night, Olympic champion Gabby Douglas revealed how she celebrated her gold medal-winning gymnastics performance.

"I splurged on an Egg McMuffin at McDonald's!" the 16-year-old said ... an answer that was music to the ears of famous fast food lover Jay Leno.

"Egg McMuffin?" the intrigued host said as the program's other guest, fitness and nutrition fanatic Michelle Obama, could only shake her head.

"Gabby, don't encourage him," she joked. "I'm sure it was a whole wheat McMuffin."

Added the First Lady, amid laughter, "You're setting me back, Gabby!"

As First Lady, Obama has advocated for encouraging healthy eating; on her last trip to the Tonight Show, Michelle even got Jay to eat vegetables.

Later during the trio's chat, Leno questioned the gold medalist about her post-Olympics life, and whether or not it's met her expectations so far.

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"Obviously you have been training your whole life and you dream about winning. How does the dream match the reality?" Leno asked Douglas.

"It's very different and when I [say] different it's in a better way," she said. "I never thought I would be doing the show with the First Lady, or even you Jay!"

Teased Michelle Obama, "Even you, Jay!"

There wasn't much discussion of Gabby Douglas' hair, which is a nice change of pace, as the focus should remain on her achievements. U-S-A!


What did you expect she's a talking monkey.


Gabby is GRAND! Michelle on the other hand was such a hypocrit! Remember: Michelle went to a popular burger joint in D.C. had a "heart attack in a sack" lunch complete with a big fries and a milkshake! Oh, but that was okay? Get a cause you can really follow with regard to your lifestyle choices, First Lady! Btw, beer's not the most healthy beverage, Michelle, take Barry aside and talk to him. He's gotta have beer summits to smooth over his political gaffes and felt compelled to buy beers to gain votes in Iowa at the State Fair. Couldn't he have achieved the same thing with bottles of Dasani??


Gabby is just awesome. She is all entertaining


she is definitely my favorite olympian... gabby, you are awesome!

Wv peach

She is such a cute little thing, and so very talented. Go Gabby go!!


I hope she makes it to Rio! What a complete sweetheart!


I love Gabby, she is such an inspiration. And I agree, I can't wait to see her in Brazil! Can't believe she's only 16! :)


I'm already looking forward to seeing her in Brazil. She's wonderful. So exciting to watch. I can't imagine how good she'll be with 4 more yrs of training. Just awesome.

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