Farrah Abraham Debut Single: Is "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom" the Worst Song Ever?

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We almost feel like we owe Rebecca Black an apology.

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    okay so this song is horrible. but who are all of you to judge who's horrible or not. and her life has nothing to do with any of this so why bring it in. you all need lives.... !!!!!!!!!

    @ ummmm

    Okay, you need to shut the fuck up. First off, we have the right to judge whether her song is a piece of shit, or not because it's all about having our own opinions. If you can't deal with that, then oh well. Get the fuck over it. Farrah is a piece of SHIT in the music industry!!!


    you guys don't know music i mean sure it isn't something many people would hear but you guys listen to lil wayne. he's a horrible singer, and come one, niki talking about " stupid hoe" really that's music, just leave Farrah alone, this is her way into music let her grow.

    @ no one

    Shut the fuck up. Farrah sucks ass and so does Lil Fag and Shitty Minaj.


    I have never in my life heard anything like this. What is this crap?Just because she got famous from Teen mom she thinks she can have a singing career?


    She either did not listen to this song or is on drugs.


    get a real job.and and grow up..

    @ gina

    You mad because 90% of the people disagree with you? LOL! Get over it, you assfuck. Farrah Sucks Major Hulky dick


    After hearing her sing, makes you appreciate Courtney Stodden. At least she can sing A LITTLE better. Courtney's just BAD all around, but Farrah sounds like a moose pulling its' hoof out of the mud. Just my two cents on it.


    August 20th, 2012 12:49 PM

    This is by far the WORST thing i have ever heard!! She sucks, and take that stupid pacifier out of that brats mouth!!

    how dare u call a child a brat! shes just a child her mother is the brat not shopie and this song total GARBAGE


    Opps. Farrah!


    Sounds like a robot! Not good!! Sorry Farrag!!!


    This is by far the WORST thing i have ever heard!! She sucks, and take that stupid pacifier out of that brats mouth!!

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