Teen Mom Recap: Not Playing By the Rules

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The terrible twos can be tough to handle ... at least for those of us who can't just ship their kid off to grandma's for a few weeks and let her deal with it.

Such is the (tough) life for Farrah Abraham.

You could see that coming from the second she said she was going to school full time and far from Iowa. What led her to make this major life decision?

Find out in THG's Teen Mom recap!

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Sophia is just too much for Farrah. Minus 10. The little one will be better off at home with her grandparents, but the whole situation could be prevented.

Farrah is just too busy, studying mixology and horseback riding, barbecue and cattle ... oh wait, that's just to go to Texas with her boyfriend. Minus 10.

At least he's mom-approved this time. Plus 5.

Will Farrah and Daniel still be together when Sophia returns? Do you want them to be? You want her to be happy, but take her role as mom seriously.

Score it Even until further notice, we guess.

Amber's time in rehab is "horrifically terrible" since she sees her daughter so infrequently. And this was before she went off to prison. Minus 10.

Amber pronounces Illinois "Illinoise." Minus 30.

After Gary's mom, who's taking care of Leah because he obviously has so many better things to do, brings Leah to visit mom, it's sweet. Plus 20.

You just wish this story had a happier ending for Amber Portwood, but perhaps this hard prison time is what she needs to get straightened out.

Maci's son Bentley? Not a fan of their new home. Or his new bed. Poor little guy doesn't like change. Don't think any of us do, Bentley. Plus 5.

Ryan's new girlfriend Dalis tells Bentley, "I think you should just live with daddy," and gives him a new puppy! Minus 25 for overstepping, girl.

While you have to give Ryan SOME credit for maturing over the years, dude still lives at home and is kind of a mess by normal person standards.

Basically Maci Bookout should keep custody for the near- and long-term future if she wants it ... just beware this Dalis girl plying him with pups.

Catelynn and Tyler's imprisoned pop Butch claims he is representing himself at his trial. Butch, just use the public defender man. Minus 20.

The judge calls this "ill-advised" and "foolish." Tyler concurs, adding, "You want to represent yourself with your ponytail - your mullet?!" Plus 100.

April claims that Butch not only hits her, but mocked her sobriety with comments like "You can't just have one beer with your husband?" Wow.

Maybe we should hope Butch does represent himself, so he loses and goes away for a long, long, time ... again. Obviously there's no right answer.



I am 24 years old and have a 5 yr old a 2 yr old & a 1 yr old, in my opinion Maci is an amazing mother I think the way she raises Bentley is awesome! But.I also know that kids can def be overwhelming sometimes n we all need a break but Farrah takes it a lil too far. she needs to quit worrying bout trying to find a man to make her happy n enjoy every moment with her beautiful daughter.


It is hard being a mom even in my 30's! At least she knows when she needs a breather. Sometimes it's that breather of being apart from your kids that make you a better mom. Although it will hurt me to be away from my kids that long BUT she is also in the public eye that prob seems easy to everyone looking in but I'm sure it is another challenge to add to her list. I agree that Catelynn made a good choice for herself to find a loving family for her baby Farrah made a choice to keep her baby and she shouldn't be said she's not "raising" her child. It's hard cleaning toddler mess and keep your house clean and study and go to school. Don't judge her.


Agree w/ null. Catelynn is ten times more mature than Farrah, and she decided to give her baby up. All these teen moms think they are SO mature for having a baby, but look what happens. The most mature decision is accepting you aren't ready and giving the baby to a family that is- not your mother, so you can get the child back when you feel like it. What a joke.


Farrah should be ashmaed she abandoned her child to go live life as a single woman. She is selfish and self-centered, you wanted to have that child and you didn't give it up for adoption that means YOU need to raise it not you're parents. Farrah represents everything that is wrong with America's youth irreponsible, no personal accountability and an over-weening sense of entitlement without ever having done anything. What kind of example are you setting for your daughter Sophia? Not a good one that's for sure.

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