Eminem Facebook Page Hits 60 Million Likes Before Rihanna, Lady Gaga

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Eminem, Facebook King. The rapper has that title all to himself after surpassing 60 million "Likes" Wednesday, more than any other living person.

Rihanna and Lady Gaga, who each have huge social media followings of their own, are Liked by about 59.4 million and 53.5 million, respectively.

Despite the fact that fan interaction and writing in first person on Facebook is the #1 way to get shares and Likes, being famous trumps all.

On Eminem's Facebook page, the 39-year-old generally posts links to YouTube videos of his music and interviews, with little or no comment.

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According to AppData, Eminem is close to nabbing more than 26,000 "Likes" each day, with Rihanna not far behind with 22,000 "Likes" per day.

Rihanna and Gaga's more engaged approach top Eminem in the "talking about this" metric, however, which measures overall activity on a page.

Eminem has 290,896 people talking about him, while Rihanna has 1,016,304 and Lady Gaga has 1,209,588 ... that's a lot of Little Monsters.

When it comes to Twitter, however, Lady Gaga is the undisputed queen with more than 27 million followers. Justin Bieber has nearly 26 million.

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i stil hail eminem as da undisputed king of rap regardles of their statistics.


M&M is a joke, like most rappers. They steal peoples notes tack on some rhymes about some hard times in "Da Hood" and call it their own. I can just see the 20 sum thin crowd today, crusing the boulevard in 30 yrs. , head bobbing, volume cranked as they pull into Mickey D's.


His talent speaks for itself. His fb 'likes' show there's no need to be in the media to be popular. Eminem is the king of rap.

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