D.L. Hughley Breaks Up With Chick-fil-A in Open Letter, Laments End of Love Affair

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Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes, things change and you have to move on. So says D.L. Hughley in calling it quits with Chick-fil-A.

The comedian penned a letter to The Huffington Post confirming the split, saying he and the chain are "growing in two different directions."

Mainly on account of Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy's stance against gay marriage, of course. Here's what Hughley had to say about it...

D.L. Hughley and Chick-fil-A

Hughley said he felt forced to "choose between my heart and my stomach," but had no choice, since "baby, lately you've been doing me dirty."

"You've been speaking with a forked tongue, spewing hate instead of frying love," the comedian deadpanned ... Ed Helms would surely agree.

"Who would have thought a chicken sandwich would become a symbol for both free speech and intolerance at the same time?"

While supporting Chick-fil-A's boss' right to believe and vote how he pleases, Hughley lamented Cathy's use of Bible verses to make his point.

"You say that gay marriage is a sin, like in Leviticus 19:22. But a preceding verse, Leviticus 17:14, says, 'You must not eat the blood of any creature, because the life of every creature is its blood; anyone who eats it must be cut off."

"You don't cook your chicken in a kosher way. On what grounds are you picking and choosing which edicts to follow?"

"But like the Good Book says, we need sanctuaries in this world, places where a man can go to escape his thoughts. That used to be you."

"Now I have to wonder if I'm doing the right thing when I step inside your doors, if I am subsidizing perspectives that I am vehemently opposed to."

"Ignorance is bliss, girl, especially in your industry."

Hughley adds that Chick-fil-A changed, not him.

"So Chick-fil-A, baby, I guess what I'm struggling to say, as I fight back the tears and wipe the grease from my fingers, is this ... It's not that I don't love you."

"we both know that's not true. I know I'll never find another like you. But baby, we are growing in two different directions. I'm afraid I won't be able to see you anymore."

What about you? Are you breaking up with Chick-fil-A too?


His freedom of speech is not being trampled on. People have a right to be offended by what he said and decide not to eat there if they so choose. And no one has to shut their mouth about it, just like he opened his... by the way, his views on marriage could have (and probably should have) remained unknown because they are IRRELEVANT to the business he runs. BUT If he chooses to make a political stance publicly, you need to be ready for some people to agree and disagree. so suck it up- if he can say what he wants, so can the people who disagree.


Hey D.L. Whoeveryouare, I can see how you would have considered Chick-fil-A a sanctuary. You could go rest in a spotless environment where you were treated with the utmost respect and courtesy while consuming delicious food. Mr. Cathy expressed a personal opinion during an interview--an opinion that happens to be emphatically supported by the Word of God. For every supposed customer who says goodbye to Chick-fil-A, they will gain ten fold. Yes, this is a free speech issue, but that is secondary to standing up for decency. Millions of us will continue to enjoy them at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will not be missed.


Please clarify for me the Chik -fil-a CEo stated he believe marriage bwtween man and woman never said he hated anyone but yet he is ridiculed for his belief why is it if someone is against what others believe then he is bashed. Just as there are people who support it there are people who don't..why can't as a people agree to disagree.Your private life is your business I dont need to know who you sleep with!


I'm so sick of people jumping on the "I hate Chick-fil-A" bandwagon. Mr. Cathy is entitled to his opinion. People want to stop eating at Chick-fil-A because of that so when are they going to stop buying gas since Saudi Arabia thinks homosexuality should be punishable by death. Protest that and see what happens.


@Evil Cookie--You're so right! Mr. Cathy's free speech rights are being trampled on and the liberal left keeps on stomping! Real hypocrites! Again, if ya don't like it...then simply choose not to eat there. Where I live Chick fil A has long drive thru lines--STILL--it's a wait going through there at lunch and dinner time! They do a great business!


Both sides shut up and phew! This would go away.


I so messed up now we hate people that have belief systems and morals. Cathy has his right to his beliefs like everyone else but people want to nail him to the cross. Sound familiar??


I'm sick of people talking about Mr. Cathy 'spewing hate'. He expressed his opinion that he believed marriage was only between a man and a woman. He never said he hated gays, or wouldn't hire them or serve them at his restaurants. If you don't want to eat there, shut your mouth and eat somewhere else. We've gotten too PC for our own good, and its bullsh*t.



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