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McKayla Maroney is not impressed by much.

She’s just hard to please … don’t blame a girl for having high expectations of herself and others. The Olympics’ funniest Internet meme continues today with the U.S. gymnastics standout still not impressed by various people and events.

Specifically, the Dwight Howard trade … the rest of the NBA may be shaking in its collective high-tops, but one sports star is so like, “Whatever.”

McKayla Maroney, All Grown Up
(Getty Images for GBK Productions)

This is not to say that McKayla’s demanding standards are reserved for sports alone. She was equally unmoved by Kim Kardashian‘s wedding …

… and Paris Hilton’s new quote-unquote “career” …


… and Ryan Gosling calling her up to say congratulations …

… or even the Grand Canyon. Yawn: