Ed Helms to Boycott Chick-fil-A Over Company's Anti-Gay Marriage Stance

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Ed Helms is hilarious in The Hangover and on The Office.

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    The opposition to Helm's' stance are just crazy. We live in the land of the free. Free to speak, free to be gay, and free to boycott a chicken nugget chain. Can't wait to see how many discrimination lawsuits get filed against the self righteous chain coincidentally. If you thought Mc Donald's had it bad with hot coffee, just wait. Hollywood can sway people very strongly.Good for Helms and the rest in disagreeance with the chain. You want garbage food? Go to any other fast food chain other than Chick fila. Won't miss um. Bike thumping idiots, all the way .


    Kusa wrote ~ "I am against gay marriage but I have gay friends." You are a hypocrite. I think all of your gay friends should delete you and your supposed friendship.

    you're just another example.. you want all the benefits of having gay friendships without taking a stand for your gay friends. What a sleaze.


    Are we forgetting about the thousands of people that rely on their paychecks from the jobs provided by Chic-fil-a???????? Some of us have bills to pay and mouths to feed. FREEDOM OF SPEECH is something our fore fathers and ancestors died for.


    I wonder what these celebs if that is what you want to call them, I have another name for them but I'll keep it to myself are thinking about, Oh that's right when you are high on narcotics, alcahol. or other mind bending things, How can you think? If I decided to follow these peoples way of living and thinking I would have to check myself into REHAB more often than they do. Maybe it's time to starting to call sponsors of these people shows and ask the sponsors what would happen if we all boycotted their products.


    We do business with and give our money to companies run by people who hold varying worldviews. Trump is a political and social conservative. Not too many people seem to care. He's raking in millions by the day. He is just one example. How many others have negative opinions about gays and gay marriage, but they just don't say anything publicly. So, as long as we don't know, it's ok? Mayor Emanuel of Chicago said CFA is not welcome in his city yet he is more than accepting of Luis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam) who said that Jews are of Satan and gays should be put to death. The level of hypocrisy from the liberal side in this whole debate is through the roof! "Tolerance" applies until someone disagrees, right?


    It's a great day for Chick-Fil-A:) My pleasure.


    I love Chick-fil-A and could care less about what they believe in it has nothing to do with thier food, I will eat there all day everyday and I don't care what other people think i will still go there and eat.


    Just because the Chik-fil-A owner is opposed to two men or two women being able to marry doesn't mean he does not like gay people...quite a jump by Ed Helms. I have a gay brother whom I love very much, but I am opposed to changing the definition of marriage to represent two men, two women. And I will go on record to say that I think it is best for our society that only men be allowed to "marry" women and vice versa. While heterosexual marriage is far from perfect, and the divorce rate is high ...all other things being equal, studies have shown it is still best for a child to have a loving father and mother as opposed to two fathers, etc.


    Hah! Going against gods word? What a load of bs! That's just you trying to excuse yourself for being a bigot, if the owner of chic fil a wants to come out publicly and admit what a close minded bigot he is, he should expect people who are opposed to that kind of stupidity to boycott him. People used to think Segregation was ok as well and that didn't make it so, I suggest you bigots grow the heck up and learn to respect your fellow man, regardless of their race, religion, sexual preference etc.. You should be ashamed of yourselves!


    To boycott anyone or anything for their beliefs is the pot calling the kettle black. You are showing that you are intolerant of the beliefs of others and accusing them of exactly what you are doing. I am against gay marriage but I have gay friends. Guess what? It's my value system and I believe biology has men and women for a reason. and who gives a sh%$ what some stupid guy who isnt so bright anyway thinks? He has his opinion and I have mine. If he were really tolerant, he would accept their right to have an opinion different from his own. He is intolerant of others who differ from him.

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