Ann Curry on Today Show Ratings Decline: Yay!

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Ann Curry couldn't help by cry when she made her final appearance as co-host of The Today Show.

But in light of that program's steady decline in the ratings, sources now say the only tears this reporter is shedding are those of joy.

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"Ann feels completely vindicated by The Today Show's poor ratings since she left," an insider tells Radar Online. "She feels she was fired completely unfairly and wasn't given a fair shot at the gig."

Indeed, Savannah Guthrie has taken over for Curry, but Today continues to lose out to rival Good Morning America.

"Ann feels she was made a scapegoat by the network and that it's the whole show that needed an overhaul, not her replacing," added this source, saying Curry is especially peeved at Matt Lauer, who many say was responsible for giving his coworker the boot.

"There's definitely no love lost for Lauer, who she feels threw her under the bus completely."


I tried watching Today again even though I said I wouldn't. I cannot watch this show. The format stinks, they constantly rush thru segments, way to many commercials, the anchors all try to talk over each other, and I honestly can't get the bad taste out of my mouth that none of the other anchors stood up for Ann. The whole thing stinks. Ann please know that you are well loved and a lot of us can't wait till your back on the air. I hope someone picks you up soon. Doesn't look like NBC wants you around since they have kept you off the air so we can get use to Savannah. Yeah right. When cows fly!


I have allwas watch the today show it tapes it on my tvo i will ever watch it again after what they did to ann mat. Thanks they cant make it with out him ann was so much better then mat good look ann you can tell you are a very nice person


I LOVE ANN CURRY......SHE EPITOMIZES WHAT GOOD JOURNALISM IS ALL ABOUT AND Matt Lauer, if you are responsible for Ann losing her job shame on you!!! I want be watching the TODAY show anymore. Hello Gayle King and Robin Roberts.....sorry Al Roker and Brian Williams :(:(:(


no loner watching Today show, did not even watch for the Olympics. When Ann Curry goes back, I will too.


Here's an NBC challenge: Replace Ann Curry with Matt Lauer for a week, and watch the ratings go up!!! He's become ossified. I wonder if his failing marriage contributed to his displaced anger against Ann, a genuine, strong, fine woman and superb journalist.


We have watched the today show for years & no one could have been more shocked when we saw what they did to Ann.
She was the Today Show !! She was so sweet & considerate of everyone plus very attractive & I loved her clothes& sense of humor !!
I would certainly hate to think that Matt had anything to do with getting rid of Ann !!
We miss her so much !!


The whole cast of the Today Show shame on them Ann was a touch of beauty and caring on this morning show and I am not a viewer any more because of the unfair treament she received from the network and crew of the show and Matt who I used to like I no longer care to even see so Good Morning America is my show of AM. I watched this station for thiry years and no longer a fan.


Oh, BTW, if Matt and Natalie really did have an affair with him fathering her 3 year old, why did NBC keep her? Matts had other affairs, so he is an adulterer. I have no respect for him. NBC should give that "pretty boy" the boot, but NOOO, they will keep him for reason unknown to viewers. I feel like Jimmy Kimmel would be a perfect host for NBC. He is a multi talented person, humerous, yet can be serious. Very entertaining person. Outclasses Matt due to Matt's infidelities


I have been a Today show fan for a long time. When they decided to let Ann Curry go, that was it for me. I switched to Good Morning America. Ann, good luck to you. Maybe Matt will be next. Yea!!!!!!Good Morning America for all.....


I was a long time fan of the "Today" show; however, Ann Curry's last day was also my last day. Have switched to GMA and do not ever plan on returning to "Today". I cannot believe that NBC would have ever thought of getting rid of Ann Curry...........she is a class act and will never be able to be replaced. Your loss NBC!!!

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