Good Morning America Greets Savannah Guthrie with Ratings Victory

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Savannah Guthrie to the rescue? Not after one installment of The Today Show at least.

The new anchor's debut episode was met with a resounding response by her program's chief rival this week, as Good Morning America scored its first ratings win on a Monday since 2006.

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Fast affiliate numbers show GMA garnering an advantage of 6,000 households over Today in the key demographic of 24-54-year olds (1.68 million over 1.674 million), along with a 356,000 lead in total viewers (4.425 million over 4.069 million).

It's very, very early, but the dismissal of Ann Curry certainly has not paid immediate dividends for NBC.

It looks like the 100 Meters at this month's Olympics won't be the only race that network is heavily invested in this summer.

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Nbc made a bad mistake replacing ann.she was beautiful smart and caring.they rplaced her with lurch a very unapealling woman. goodbye nbc.been faithful watcher for 15 yrs, hello gma!


What's wrong with that hunchback Savannah Guthrie's shape? that big round, sitting-out gut of hers and that jumping-out pelvic/hip bone that sticks out profoundly on that right side, the way she crosses her legs when standing, scrunching-down and leaning, trying to look shorter. Come on Today Show, can that no-personality,skinny-fat, no-lip, towering, plastic, bland dame.


Congratulations GMA! I am loving Robin, George and Amy. Continue to kick the Today Show's butts. Savannah Guthrie is a dingbat, perhaps not in her education or knowledge, but definitely in the way she talks, stands, dresses, and her straggly hair. Someone needs to tell Savannah she is not a teen, a tween, or valleygirl, but an extremely tall, langly, awkward, staring, self-conscious-acting middle aged 40 year old homewrecking woman who has taken one husband from his lawful wife, married him, divorced him and who has now turned the heads of Jim Bell and Steve Capus to the tune of mesmerizing them into buying into Matt Lauer's plan of making Ann Curry disappear! (sorry for the run-on sentence)


ann curry was always touching people, how creepy.The today show is predictable.The hosts on GMA seem lovely,


I have not watched Today since Ann was forced off and was treated so shabbily. I had been a continuous viewer of Today since 1952 when it started. I was even faithful during the Deborah Norville debacle. No more! I adore Ann Curry and wish a pox on NBC.


I blame NBC for the painfully humiliating public firing of Ann Curry, that I felt was totally disrespectful and unnecessary. NBC needs to rethink Matt Lauer, a good ole boy vulgarian if there ever was one, who only seeks to have his ego flattered by his female cohosts, who probably hate him for it anyway. Thankfully, Ann Curry never played into Lauer's pathetic nonsense. So good luck, NBC, I for one, have switched my loyalties over to GMA!


Personally, I am switching to GMA -- it seems that Savannah is trying so hard to have "chemistry" with Matt that the whole show is a big flirt fest -- gag me! Also, the stories this week have been all "fluff." Aren't we all already aware that the ideal "beach body" was more voluptuous 40-50 years ago?! If I have to hear that woman "giggle" one more time, I will lose my breakfast. Anne is intelligent, sincere, and seems like someone you can trust. Savannah strikes me as the type who would steal your boyfriend to get ahead. NBC is making a huge mistake replacing Anne with Savannah and the way they went about it is especially heinous. The entire maneuver is offensive to intelligent women everywhere. For now, I am boycotting the Today Show.


I enjoyed Ann.She spoke with a sincere heart.Best of luck Savannah.


The problem wasnt Ann Curry. The problem is Matt Lauer. He needs to be replaced. That guy is a jerk. He coordinated this move so he could try to fool around with Savannah Guthrie. What an ego-maniac.


I don't care what they say,I'd sure did not watch. When's Matt going!??