Tom Cruise "Begged" Katie Holmes For Reconciliation, Was Rebuffed, Report Claims

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It's safe to assume Tom Cruise's 50th birthday was not what he'd hoped for.

According to Us' cover story (below), he traveled from Iceland, where he's been shooting the new film Oblivion, to the United States early July 3.

If things had gone according to plan for Cruise, he'd have celebrated hitting the half-century mark in Iceland with wife Katie Holmes by his side.

But since Katie filed for divorce out of nowhere last week, he was forced to make a last-ditch effort to save the relationship, only to be rebuffed.

Katie Holmes Breaks FREE!
The Fight For Suri

While Holmes, 33, was MIA from Rock of Ages premieres and other events, "he begged her to come to Iceland for one last try at reconciliation," the insider says.

Holmes, motivated by fears of Scientology corrupting their daughter Suri, had been secretly plotting to file for divorce and move into her own NYC apartment.

She refused to go, and the pair had a "huge fight," the source explains.

Although Cruise was aware that things were tense and severely estranged with Holmes, "he was confident he could talk her out of it and keep her with him."

Holmes seeks sole legal custody of Suri, 6, and clearly filed in N.Y. State as a means of achieving that goal, as its courts are more likely to award sole custody.

There's a prenup in place, but regarding custody, it looks like a nasty split is on the horizon. Here's hoping they can work it out quietly and under the radar.

In other Cruise news, you can see him in the new Jack Reacher trailer.


Tom and Nicole's kids are grown up now so they should be able to make their own decisions as to whether they see their mother or not.
No matter what, your mother will always be the most important person in your life , never mind your religion.


stay strong katie,protect your baby from tom and those spaceship awaiting nuts....stay close to your mom and dad,they will see you and suri thru this.good luck


Could never figure out what she saw in him. He gives me the creeps. And adding to that creepiness is his religious cult. I have way more respect for Katie. Good for her for breaking free!


Cockney slang for wife = trouble and strife ,,,get it now Tommy Boy ! ditch the cult mate , your getting embarrassing !


It's about time Kate stood up to this control freak


Am so happy to see Katie take control of her life and escape the circus that is "Tom Cruise and Scientology". I hope Katie wins sole custody and manages to protect Suri from the "religion" that does nothing but rob people of their identity, money and a grip on reality. You go girl! Don't let Tom do to you what he did to Nicole and her ability to have a proper relationship with her children.

Wv peach

I hope he gets his assed raked over the coals too! He treated Nicole like trash and has had a holier than thou attitude throughout his career. It's about time Katie woke up and looked at the situation clearly.


I can't believe people still pay him to do movies or whatever. Tired of him years ago. So glad Katie finally woke up from her coma!!


Karma's a b**** isn't it Tom? He says Scientology has high morals & great ethics, but his actions says otherwise. Examples- those he took against Nicole during their divorce & after (his cruelty during led to her miscarriage, keeping the kids from her-they don't even call her 'Mom'). I hope Scientology, Tom & Miscavige are truthfully exposed for what they really represent. #teamkatie


Poor children :/

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