Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to Divorce; Actress Files For Sole Custody of Suri

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Now that's a celebrity breakup we did not see coming today. After more than five years of marriage, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce.

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    so what's the big DAMN DEAL???


    Normally I support/endorse shared parenting as a Divorce Coach as being in the best interest of the child absent any special circumstances to warrant a different decision. Issues such as alcohol/drug, criminal history etc. In this particular instance I support Katie Holmes filing for sole custody. Tom Cruise has already demonstrated with his divorce from Nicole Kidman that he will not support continued and frequent contact and emotional bonding between the children and the other parent.

    And because past behavior is the best indicator to future behavior, Holmes team of family and legal advice rightly determined that she too would follow in the footsteps of Kidman if she did not file for sole custody.

    Now before any one stands up and screams another man hater, let me say that if the position was reversed and Katie Holmes had previously been married and her former spouse had little to no contact with the children, I would take the same position in support of Tom Cruise.


    As an ex-Scn I can tell you he is NUTS! Scn "tom-style" is not what I learned. They are using him for his celeb... and generating $$. He is the loser here. What he "spouts off" isn't even Scn! Not that I favor the cult... but in the old daze it had some merit. No more.


    Ah, I do understand her fear, but the whole thing about Tom and the scientology can not be a new thing to her. He is famous. He is the best paid actor in Hollywood. What has she earned in the last 5 years? Any money? What is the name of her last movie? He looks well after Isabela and Conor, isn´t he. Their mom has made a new family for herself and is busy with her trouble-full husband and their natural kids. not see any negativities on Tom´s side...Kate will get a good amount for her busy-with-fashion-clothes life and Tom will remain a good father to Isabela, Conor and Suri.


    The man is a nut.


    Well obviously something more is going on and they probably won't be saying anything about the real reason anytime soon. I've been skeptical about the whole Tom + Katie thing since it began. Hmmm sole custody seems a bit harsh on her part, I would think she would at least agree to joint custody if she's looking out for the best interest of her daughter. So unless Tom has done anything that gives her reason to be granted sole custody, then I think it should be joint. However it remains to be known what's really going on... So we'll see what happens.


    Tom cruise is a total tool! After the incident with julianne moore, I entree from then on what an ignorant asshat he was. It's his stupid religion that gets him in all kinds of messes. I would want the child away from it too, it's nonsense. Being a single mother who suffered post pardom, he can go to hell


    Everyone keeps bashing tom we forget before tom she was a piece of gum on the shoe of Hollywood he elevated her statis whats her claim to fame dawsons creek a few stupid movies that made no sence at all and yes he has a few to but he' is and always will be mr hollywood you don't see any studio giving her $70 to a $100 million to prduce a move do you even if the move flops he's bankable she's not and as far as money go's he had more than her before the got married and when they split he'll still go on as mr hollywood SOLE CUSTADY MY ASS that won't happen he's not a bad father yes im a tom cruse fan till the end some flix were better than outhers but come knowone hits the mark everytime unless your clint eastwood


    myguess is,he's about as good a husband and father,as he is an actor.i'm always amazed seeing what caliber of people can be so financially successful in this country. p.s.scientology is NOT a church


    She's probably tired of giving away all their money to Tom's foundation( the Scientology). Katie Holmes Divorce Reason and claim Settlement details revealedk ehre

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