The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Recap: The Claws Are Out

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Not much can top Tamra's nicknaming Alexis "Jesus Jugs" last week, but with Brooks and Briana stopping by the Real Housewives of Orange County are going to try.

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    I felt compelled to write a comment after watching the Tamra eye roll episode. I've always liked Tamra but in this season she has become a nasty manipulative person. She forged a new relationship with Gretchen (which she shod have done years ago) but to cry to Briana after being a complete b@h to Vicki, standing up shouting in her face, and try to make out that you didn't give her evil eyes, and to get annoyed that Brooks stuck up for her is absolutely outrageous!! Tamra, you ate so wrong andits a shame youhave become the person that has been shown on this series.
    Vicki, I wish you all the best and hope that things work out for you. Heather and Gretchen, you're both lovely


    I agree with everything you say,


    Tamra is my favourite - the things she comes out with are hilarious. I think Alexis & Jim are weird, Gretchen gets on my last nerve. Like Heather & Terry (loved Tamra's take-off of Heather, 'oh dear, oh my'), and has Vicki totally lost the plot? Something real weird about that Brooks...think he has watched the show to learn about his prey.


    tamra is one nasty woman. she is so green with jealousy over alexis.she will end up being mistaken for an evergreen tree.and gretchen why are you crawling around tamra and dumped alexis.alexis had your back all the time. and heather who does she think she is with that gayboy she calls a husband. he`s an old man trying to ridicule alexis. theres never a truer saying than take a long hard look in the mirror before calling others. heather and your squeaky voice man should do that. money does not buy class , or are both ugly in and out. maybe he should do some more practice with his plastic. then he may become REAL fake the 2 of them. and as for her being 98% real is that real plastic heather you mean.


    hi i am from the uk and never miss a program tamara is a bitch, and gretchen showed her ture colours, she should have backed alexis because alexis has backed all her friends .heather does not know alexis and should not call her she did from the start by listening to tamara the tart

    @ lynne

    I agree with everything you say,


    I'm also from UK and love watching but a few things do bemuse me...Vicki, why does she change her voice from her usual brusque and dare I say it screechy tone to a softer more empathy seeking tone when she does her interviews? Never seen such a false woman in my life..and her and that "man" of hers deserve each other. Now , on to Tamra , oh meeeeeooww, what a catty nasty bitch she is, enough said. The rest are watchable.


    I think the show is quite funny and entertaining and should be taken for what it is a TV show. All of the ladies have their faults, strengths and insecurities, as well as some very humorous situations. Yes, some of them are boring, bitchy, outrageous and totally over the top. But this is really mindless entertainment that offers up a good laugh and we all have our favorites and the characters we dislike. I must say I did enjoy this season with the introduction of Heather and Terri.


    I have never witnessed such childish & petty behaviour in my life & yes that includes Slade or should that be Slave! Tamra - who I used to like is a complete witch who doesn't deserve the likeable Eddie. Alexis is dillusion & begs the question, why ever did the show think she would be interesting? Vicky? Well what a BIG hypocrite! Gretchen is beautiful but needs to drop 'Slave'quicker than a bag of wet cement! Lastly 'Slave'.. Well he's too irrelevant to mention! I feel sorry for their children!


    me and my friends used watch this show all the time but we cant stand tamra i think they way she treats people is not right trowing a drink at someone always blaming her ex for everything come on it was a little dog lead its a disgrace too people that have been in real Domestic violence we dont like to watch it that much coz we don't want to see Tamra crap you would get more views if she was not on their and we love Genna she is a lady i think Vicki should try and make it work with her husband its to long to be together to gust trow it away.

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