Ryan Lochte Girlfriend: Blair Evans?

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It's the number-one question being asked at this year's Olympics.

How many times will NBC cameras find Kate Middleton in the crowd? No, that's not it.

Does Ryan Lochte have a girlfriend?

Ryan Lochte Photo

Following his Gold Medal-winning performance in the 400 Individual Medley (which was followed by Lochte getting outkicked on the anchor lap of his team's relay yesterday), the athlete has positioned himself as the American face of these London Games.

And women around the country are yearning to know: is anyone out there sucking that face?

The answer appears to be a strong... maybe. According to The Brisbane Times, Lochte and Australian swimmer Blair Evans were spotted getting awfully chummy during training last week. They reportedly touched hands under the water and left together for the Olympic village.

And we all know what goes down in the Olympic Village, right, Hope Solo?!?

We'll stay on the story of whether or not anyone is staying on (or under) this 28-year old star, but in the meantime, we've posted a photo of that famous Ryan Lochte grill. Ogle away, ladies!


Ryan Lochte I looooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeee u please let me be your girlfriend


Costa needs to do a report on how many condoms Lochte's blown through in the Olympic Village. Each athlete got 15 to start the games....


Lochte is full of himself. Anyone white guy who wears "grills" is and idiot. Olympic medals or not.


I was wondering when the gossips will try to tag him to a gf or even a SO! It seems a guy can't have a life without some sort of a tag along gf. This seems to happen to most good-looking hunks, in sports and elsewhere. God forbid if he suggests he is not ready to date the opposite sex! The innuendos will start flying all over the place and the poor guy will have to get himself a 'beard' pronto to squash these rumors! All in all, he is a great athlete and let him enjoy the games.


GF or not he's a hottie and an awesome swimmer ;) Congrats Team USA


I LOVE RYAN LOCHTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let's just say he has a few back here in the states!!! He might not have one GF but he keeps a few on the leash!!! TRUTH


I am a big fan of yours Ryan I have wach every evnt you have swimed in so fair this Olympics I am a swimer to I started swimming when I was 5 years old I started swimming on a team when I was 8 In Boltmore MD I Am still swimiming on a team now and I am 25 years old .Wish you luck with the reast of your evnts shout for the Gold!!!


What crowd?

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