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The cast of A&E’s reality show Cajun Justice is dealing with a new sheriff in town … one apparently bent on not having his team featured on a reality show.

The show follows Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois and his deputies as they fight crime in the swamps of Louisiana. Or at least it did until they got a new boss.

The Terrabone Sheriff’s Dept. confirms that new sheriff Jerry Larpenter fired 24 people on DAY ONE … including five of seven people featured on the show.

Nilsa Prowant Spring Break

A sixth cast member quit to support his fellow comrades.

What’s more, not only did the new Sheriff pink slip to most of the cast, but as of July 1, he banned A&E producers from following anyone in his department.

Probably wants to “focus on criminal justice” or some absurd notion.

It’s unclear if A&E will nix the show completely or attempt find a new department to work with, but for better or worse, Larpenter’s crew won’t be on it.

Season 1 will finish as planned; beyond that, it’s unclear.