Hope Solo on Olympic Village: So Much Boning!

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Hope Solo of the U.S. soccer team says that the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing were filled with drinking, revelry and sex ... off the field of course.

Before she packs her bags to head to London for the 2012 Olympics next week, the star revealed some sizzling secrets from the 2008 Beijing games.

Solo failed a drug test recently but was let off with a warning and will compete in London. She told the newest issue of ESPN The Magazine:

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After topping Brazil 1-0 to take the gold, the post-match celebration was so raucous that they were still drunk during an interview the next morning.

"When we were done partying, we got out of our nice dresses, got back into our stadium coats and, with no sleep, went on the Today show drunk," she says.

Still inebriated, she answered a question: "There is no pressure going into the game, other than it being a World Cup - I mean an … an Olympic Final!"

It wasn't just sports stars who enjoyed a night on the town in the Chinese city, as the soccer team was joined on their all-night bender by Vince Vaughn.

And while she doesn't name names, the 5'9" beauty even sneaked a mystery celebrity back to her room at the Olympic Village for a raunchy rendezvous.

She calls this her "Olympic secret."

"There's a lot of sex going on!" Hope revealed. "Unlike at a bar, it's not awkward to strike up a conversation because you have something in common."

However, "If you don't have discipline, the village can be a huge distraction," she warned ... hopefully not for her. Somehow we think she can handle it.

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Hope needs bigger hooters. "A ROMP WITH TEDDY WILL GET HOPE READY!" :)))


Dre, I'd also add that we both know you aren't structuring your comment around Hope's admission of sloppy drinking. You specifically used the words "slut", "women", and "progress". Which means that you have far larger problem then partying and even sex. Which is why my response does not address that, so don't come back and front like hedonism is your problem. It isn't. Gender policing is.


[Continued] her down! Hun, that's insane, like psych-ward, get-a-doctor-to-room-406-now kind of insane. Acting on behalf of patriarchy so that maybe one day you'll get a pat on the head. Hoping that one day you'll be validated, that one day you'll get approval. Like a nice, obedient, glorified pet. And you're terrified that others will look upon Hope as you have. Declare her unclean, and impure (seriously?), and then think that her "behavior" will somehow reflect on you as a female American. Good forbid the world sees us as women who have sex. OMG. Cause sex taints us womenz, it makes us dirty and unattractive to the menz, whom our whole lives should revolve around pleasing, because we are about as worthy as prized cattle. Dre, honey, wake up. It's gotta be a massive thorn in your side to be so self-loathing. From, Another woman


Dre: You need to chill out! She took advantage of her beauty and had some fun, as did much of the Olympic Village. I'm just glad she let a man she liked DO her. Hopefully she had sex more than once. Women need to quit worrying about the slut factor in life and let your guard down some and have some fun, as long as it's with someone you can trust and feel comfortable with that won't go around telling everybody about it. If that's really you Vince V. (I'm sure it isn't): More power to ya for tappin' that fine honey! The way I look at it.........Thank God she isn't a lesbian. But I wouldn't care if she was, people have a right to choose which way they want to be!


Don't be such a slut. You're there to represent our country, you shouldn't be publically proud of that behavior. Don't taint the image of women's USA soccer-we finally are starting to earn respect for the sport in regards to females and by hope solo blurting stupid shit out of her mouth, our progress is held back. You may be a slutty mess, but not all USA women athletes act like this and THATS what they are proud of. Focus on the reason you're there! I don't think Briana Scurry would appreciate what an embarrassment you are. Clean it up Hope. Grow up.


Yup I tapped it

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