Niall Horan Showers Fans with the C-Word

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Niall Horan may need to clean up his act, or at least his mouth, if he really wants a shot with Demi Lovato.

The One Direction singer took major exception to fans asking for his time/attention at the Dublin Airport this week, never breaking stride and using the naughtiest of words in response to their catcalls:

“Remember the last time I walked out here… you shower of cunts.”

Whoa there! Watch the one-sided exchange now:

Horan later took to Twitter and apologized for the insult:

really sorry if I caused any offence. It was just banter with fans who I think of more as mates… but I understand that it's not a word I should be using at all.

Come on now, Niall. Language such as that is NOT what makes you beautiful.

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°̩ agree with all the people that said he'ƨ just α normal teen the haters musnt act like they've never sworn @ any1 before!!!anyway he apologized and demi probably swears too so don't put the hate on our nialler :* luv ya niall ♥ ♡ x


Who cares if Niall swears, basically every teen already does... he knows what the word means and he apologised. Seriously! And just because he's an irishman, doesn't mean he can't let out a few words! Erica you are completely right.. I am a directioner and I dont care at all how Niall speaks because we know he's just mucking around.!!


I don't know what's wrong with swearing, where I'm from it's kinda normal, you can say anything on tv and radio without anybody making a problem. And every teenage swears right? I just don't get it. What's the problem. It's not that he's mean to somebody right?


Come ooon. They are teenagers and people
Like everyone. We always use bad words too


Keep in mind that across the pond, the "C" word isn't nearly as offensive or carry as much stigma as in the US. Some of my friends there use it with the same frequency and the same context that we use the "B" word. This is a nonstory.


Clarissa, I know right? It seems like everyone in the world likes them.


Lmao! You all need to calm the fuck down. Who really cares about all this? I mean seriously? He is just another teen who is swearing, which is not a big deal :P He will (hopefully) grow up soon so just forget about this already.


Thank you marelle finally somebody understands me.


Niall is a disgrace of an irishman! Hope the mgt realise he is as talentless as his foul mouth and sh!tcan him!


Their fans can defend them til the end, but the truth is One Direction are just a bunch of stuck-up, rude, conceited jerks. They really need a reality check.

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