Niall Horan Teases New Album, Demi Lovato Romance

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Niall Horan appeared on Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Thursday and teased a pair of exciting developments:

  1. A new album from One Direction.
  2. A relationship with Demi Lovato.
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“We’ve spoken," Horan told the host of the new X Factor judge. "She’s a cool girl so I got in contact with her. She’s really nice, and I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Intriguing! Possibly adorable! The young singer also touched on a number of other topics, as highlighted below.

On a second album: “We’re trying to get it done. We’re working on it at the moment. Recording whenever we can, and writing songs on the road. Hopefully we can get it done before Christmas.”

On touring with a dog: "We’ve looked into it, and it’s going to be hard to do since we’ve got so much traveling to do next year. We wanted to get a little mini husky. We got the idea from James from Big Time Rush. He’s got one mini-husky, and there’s only a few of them in the world."

On his favorite hobbies: "Sleep! Any chance I get I try and sleep as much as I can. Sleep and eat and play the guitar.”


°̩'ll admit °̩'m α bit shocked bt whatever makes our nialler happy makes us happy. :* xoxo if nedi hovato (don't judge °̩'m working on it) r ment to be let them b i'll support any decision niall makes in this situation ♥


Niall & Demi ? I used to always say how "adorable" they would be together .. but now im actually comparing them two . I just realized how different they are and how odd that would be . I love niall so much & demi used to be one of my favorite celebs a long time ago . But i will still support them . I guess if they are happy , we should be happy for them . Knowing demi , ot probably wont last but who cares . I love niall and i want him to be happy . Hes a very cheerful person . I just hope he doesnt change bc of their relationship . I doubt it will happen but ya know .


Unlike everyone else, I say go for her Niall. If you like her and she likes you, what's the jealous fan girls got to do with it? Honestly guys, what do you know? People say "So and so" would be perfect for each other. And the relationship ends. You can never truly know until the relationship is tried. I have friends dating, my God, they were perfect together. Like, legit perfect couple. But they are not dating anymore. Never judge a person, 'specially if you don't know them personally. People can put up acts in front of cameras. I hid the BIGGEST secret of my life for 10 years from EVERYONE, and no one knew. Starting when I was 6. So you know what? Fate and destiny will take over.
I only care about his happiness. Anyone who complains about these two are not real fans. Unless there is proof they are unhappy, if they ever get together. I rest my case.


Niall and Demi???hmmmthey don't look like a good couple,they are completly different!!!well I guess if he is happy I am too....but if Demi hurts niall or Niall hurts Demi someone's getting hurt!!!*Big fan of them both*


Oh Nialler! Don't go for Demi! They both have VERY different personalities and I don't think they would be right for each other at all! I am SO excited for the album, AHHHH! Also, I don't think they should get a husky if they're going to be on the road so much. They need a TON of exercise! Also, mini huskies aren't actually real, they're scams just like "teacup" sized dogs. They're bred simply to make money, and they aren't "rare" at all. I know two people with mini-huskies lol.


I totally agree with you ,Bella.


I truly don't think Niall and Demi will make a good couple. Not because I want him for myself, but because, well look at them. Demi looks like a full grown woman, while Niall still acts like a child. Demi has gone through depression and is more than likely looking for a serious relationship, but we all know Niall is "the most carefree mofo in the world". Either way, I wish the best for Niall. If he's happy, true directioners will be happy.

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