Lil Scrappy Thanks Frank Ocean, Believes Homosexuality is "Doorway to AIDS"

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Following his admission that he has shared a sexual experience with a man, R&B star Frank Ocean has received plenty of support from the music community.

Both Russell Simmons and the rapper Trina have offered Ocean their best wishes.

Now, Lil Scrappy has also gone on record and given Ocean props... but for a very different reason.

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"I'm glad that he came out," Lil Scrappy told TMZ. "So all the real women that love to mess with real men, straight men, we can keep the AIDS situation down, you feel me?"

This artist - who says he would work with Ocean against in an instant - also believes "[homosexuality] is a doorway to AIDS, scientifically."

Well... according to 2009 data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, man-on-man intercourse results in 61% of all new HIV infections. Yes, that's a majority.

But Lil Scrappy might be surprised by how small of a majority his scientific data actually spits out.


Why the hell is he even mentioning Frank Ocean? He hasn't had a hit in awhile and the only reason ppl are talking about him is because he is on that show a ghetto ass show at that. Keep your mouth shut Scrappy.


Scrappy got a Lil Dick so thats why he hate gay ppl. He probably got turned down by a gay guy after he took his Dick out in the hotel room or limo. Broke ass nigga


It's amazing at the racism on this site. Jane Pitt says something and all you hear is ... HOMOPHOBICHOMOPHOBICHOMOPHOBICHOMOPHOBIC. Yet with the black boy you gays don't take this hard line? Another reason to step over your ass.


Morons up in this thread.
Homosexuality isn't a choice. Deal with it. Wrap your little pea brains around it.

Tobys massa

He should know


lana my bad, Ron was/is bi. I was talking to one of my ballet buddies this a.m. He said Ron slept w/ lots of men back in the day but was married (& still is, he thinks) to another dancer.


Homosexuality is a choice. That is unless you don't have control of your thought pattern. For some reason there is a movement in society that wants all to accept this illness called homosexuality. People will throw percentages out there leading the foolish to believe this illness is being accepted. This is not true. The deceptive nature of Homosexuality is in deception.


DR phil, Maybe some day doctors will develop a treatment to help haters like you become productive so you can be free of your hatred.


Terry might be right that AIDS may be a bioweopon - who knows. Some sicko government might have tampered with a common flu virus. Regarding man living with monkeys for thousands of years and no AIDS..., man has lived with pigs and birds for thousands of years also and every few years the flu virus changes to become a deadly pig or bird flu strain that kills people. Ever hear of the Swine Flu epidemic a few years ago that killed all those people in Asia?
Reagan's son never came out as being gay, rumors started because he was a dancer but then he's also skinny and ugly like his mother.


Keep flashin' those gang signs Homie.

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