Russell Simmons Praises "Courage and Honesty" of Frank Ocean

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A day after Frank Ocean admitted to the world that he has shared at least one sexual experience with a man, music mogul Russell Simmons has come out in full support of the R&B star.

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In a Global Grind entry, the Def Jam Records founder reached out to Ocean and wrote:

Today is a big day for hip-hop. It is a day that will define who we really are. How compassionate will we be? How loving can we be? How inclusive are we?

I am profoundly moved by the courage and honesty of Frank Ocean. Your decision to go public about your sexual orientation gives hope and light to so many young people still living in fear. These types of secrets should not matter anymore, but we know they do, and because of that I decided to write this short statement of support for one of the greatest new artists we have.

His gifts are undeniable. His talent, enormous. His bravery, incredible. His actions this morning will uplift our consciousness and allow us to become better people. Every single one of us is born with peace and tranquility in our heart. Frank just found his.

Frank, we thank you. We support you. We love you.

That pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

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Who cares- cares, I don't, to each it's own. People identify and associates with people they identify with.


Who in the hell is Frank Ocean?? And do i really give a damn what Richard Simmons thinks...Probably Not!


evil people, i wonder what the er turng this world into!


evil people mem, i wonder what the er turng this into!


For everyone who is spouting their pious messages (and to those who aren't) the passage in the Bible which says "man should not lay with man" also states that is is forbidden to eat prawns (shrimp)and people don't seem to be following that one too rigidly. The Bible also says "judge not, lest ye be judged" which roughly translates as don't criticize others unless you want a taste of the same medicine. The world would be a better place if we all followed this advice instead of constantly haranguing and judging others - especially when it comes to colour and sexuality. Come out of the dark ages and embrace diversity in other people, it may makes your lives more interesting.


To all these so called religious people...where and when did God tell you personally that he needed or wanted you to speak for him. Unless you wrote a portion of the Bible-you have NO RIGHT to give me your interpretation of what you think you know or understand. In a true relationship with God, the actuality of your ignorant rhetoric effecting a real human being, is nil.
I bet all of you miscreant Christians still think Eve was the first women!!! Silly rabbits.


Gosh... Love is love. I'm not saying I'm comfortable when I walk in on two dudes kissing, but I would be uncomfortable walking in on anyone making out. And the Bible isn't always right. Most of it is generally good, like thou shalt not kill. (But people who say that usually eat meat. Who says animals dont have souls?)


It makes me wonder Russell you giving this man all these praises as if this man were God himself, are you too gay? If God had intended for man to be with man he would not have made woman! All of you twisted mofo's and again, if you are giving this man praises again, it makes me wonder about you.


Man and woman, not man and man, or woman and woman. THE HOLY BIBLE DOESNT LIE!!IM SICK OF GAYS BEING PROUD! ITS AN IMMORAL LIFESTYLE!


Well you can form complete sentences, so not either. Quite odd to call me a troll when you never commented. Obviously heated debate on both sides creating multiple comments. It's like this for me. Don't want force acceptance about any issues. I have friends who disagree with homosexuality (Bowser enlightened), just don't want my kid to be bullied. I'm strongly against abortion, but it doesn't mean I'm going to walk around calling them baby killers.