Kate Upton Weight Criticism Leads to Backlash, Threats For "Skinny Gurl" Blogger

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A blogger who attacked Kate Upton’s sexy figure, likening the curvy model to a cow and a pig, is facing severe backlash for her harsh comments.

The unnamed female blogger, who acknowledges preferring the "skinny aesthetic," trashed Upton in a July 8 post on the website "Skinny Gurl."

She has since been deluged with angry emails and threatened with rape and death ... none of which is cool, but neither were her initial remarks.

Kate Upton Curves

The blogger wrote that Upton, during a June modeling event, was "confidently lumbering up the runway like there's a buffet at the end of it."

She also called her a "little piggie" with "huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs, and terrible body definition" and likened Kate to a cow.

Since then, fans and fashion world insiders have denounced the blogger for calling Kate Upton too fat and risen to the 20-year-old's defense.

Lesley Jane Seymour, editor-in-chief of More magazine, said:

"Running a site where you actually praise women for staying emaciated, than attacking someone who has a normal body, I mean, you've got issues."

"She's laughing all the way to the bank," supermodel/author Carol Alt said of Upton. "I would just say keep your end up and keep moving forward."

Hacker group Anonymous - apparently big Upton fans, or just bored, launched a cyber attack against Skinny Gurl, forcing her to change web hosts.

Its "Starving Tip of the Day" has since been taken down, and the site now claims it "explicitly prohibits the glorification or promotion of self-harm."

Explaining the idea behind the site - which she says is "pro-skinny" but not "pro-ana" (for pro-anorexic) - the still-anonymous blogger wrote:

"As a thin person, I am annoyed by our double-standards around weight. For example, people think nothing of telling a thin woman - to their face, in front of an entire group of people - how skinny they are and even to suggest what they should eat."

"But I've never seen the reverse happen to an overweight woman."

"There's nothing wrong with saying skinny is beautiful, just like there's nothing wrong with saying curvy is beautiful, or red hair is beautiful, or anything else someone happens to find appealing. It's an opinion, and we're all entitled to them."

"I take personal pride in keeping myself thin (since people keep asking: I'm about 5'7? and try to stay around 100 lbs)," she wrote.

She won't reveal her name as she's in "a real-world profession with clients and partners and this is a controversial subject, even in places like NYC and Hollywood."

As they say, haters gonna hate, lovers gonna admire Kate Upton pictures.

What do you think of Kate Upton's body?


Her body just doesn't look proportioned right. https://vid.me/hAz


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That dougie video has made me fall in love with her she's fine


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Her critics really need to lay off the weight issue. She's NOT overweight! Her problem is her unfortunate figure, or rather the severe lack thereof. She has a cinder block torso and thin chicken legs. How the hell does a women with a body like that land a modeling job??


Now, I agree that every one is entitled to their opinion, and I despise the double standard. BUT, as a naturally thin, HEALTHY female (5'4", 107 lbs) I know for a fact that being 5'7" and 100 lbs is unhealthy, whether it's bs or not, that blogger needs help with her own image. I'm not an Upton fan, but those remarks were uncalled for.


It sounds like this blogger has serious issues. Until she puts herself on display for the same comparison from the world I think she should write about something she knows first hand, such as serious self loathing. Skinny Gurl, is the "U" for ugly? Is that how you feel on the inside? I hope you find your inner light and learn to love yourself. Stop making our young girls feel like they aren't good enough because somewhere in your life someone did that to you. You can turn it around and be a positive force if you can just learn to love yourself.


None of you remember Brigite Bardot or Racquel Welch, especially in their prime. They actually had talent, and they did not look like a walking corpse. Also, check out ANY of the Bond Girls (ie, James Bond) from the earlier Bond movies and you will see what I am refering to. I see NOTHING wrong with Kate Upton. And by the way, I have lived in the South for 40 years, and I have seen more beautiful women here than ANYWHERE, including my hometown of San Diego, California. I have, however, met more ignorant people outside of the South than inside of it.


kates only flaw is shes 20 lbs. UNDERWEIGHT.

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