Kate Upton Too Fat, Loser Website Claims

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Kate Upton has gained a massive following due to her sexy curves, but surprisingly, her famous figure has landed her a number of harsh critics as well.

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    You, are indeed a moron. The girl practically has a washboard tummy, where exactly is this 'fat' you speak of, oh whats that you cant see her rib cage clearly so she's fat, is that it? Most models are anorexic. People can have their opinions, but NO model should be portraying themselves to impressionable young girls if they are anorexic. It sets a stupid example and entices these girls to be skin and bone, which is not healthy, and in my opinion unatractive.


    Kate is a fatty but some like fat ladies


    She's gorgeous, I can't understand why anyone would call her "fat". She's beautiful. People need look at themselves before they start judging others. She's a great role model for young girls who want to be in that industry.


    What the f*ck is wrong with the people who can even say bad things about this girl. F*ck ya! You guys don't even look good and you have the guts to tell that she doesn't have the rights to be a model. I'm not fan of flat chested, no ass chick. I'm not into thin girls. For God sake, I don't even like seeing walking bone. WTF! For people who keep on judging, look at the mirror first. DUH! Like as if you're perfect. Tsk. Insecure girls. For guys, eww you say those things because obvious no girls that look like those will even notice you. Tsk. Get a life.


    She is pretty but not skinny. She is good for some magazine covers but not high fashion editorial ones. She`s lucky that she`s american cause in Asia, Japan, Korea, China, India, she will not be attractive but considered a little chubby and she will for sure be asked to lose weight.


    She is EXTREMELY, sexy. Anorexic girls, are a turn off, as are hippo assed women, to me, but tastes vary, so everyone will appeal to someone.


    Everyone is entitled to their opinions and their opinions on what is attractive or not. She is VERY curvy and naturally so which is nice to see in the industry. She is not a runway model by any means and she's got a cute face and sells magazines... it depends on what area of the industry you get into. VS models are thin, leggy, women in maxim and what not are curvy and sexual. Tattoo models are all over the scale, it doesn't really matter, who is more beautiful than who etc. She isn't a VS model nor do I doubt she'd ever try to be one, she knows where her strengths are. I think shes cute and I LOVE her curves. If I weighed as much as she did I MYSELF would look lumpy!


    The piece of shit losers have their comments turned off and their forum set to private. Chickenshit!!!!!!! They like to dish it but can't seem to take it. I took the liberty of sending them a lovely tweet though. Feel free to follow suit. @SkinnyGossip


    Where exactly is she fat?????????????


    Put a baby in her and she'll pork up like Like an angus heffer so look at her now while you have a chance.

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