Justin Bieber vs. Paparazzi: Who's to Blame for High Speed Chase?

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It's time to play the blame game.

As most celebrity gossip followers likely know by now, Justin Bieber was pulled over by Los Angeles patrolmen last Friday because he was speeding along the 101. It was merely the young star's latest brush with the highway law, too.

But multiple witnesses confirm the paparazzi were all over Bieber's car, with Justin himself dialing 911 not long after his ticket and doing whatever possible to alert authorities to the situation.

Justin Bieber, All Smiles

"This was like a Princess Diana situation," a California Highway Patrol insider told TMZ of the incident, referring to the 1997 tragedy in which the royal beauty's limousine crashed and she died while trying to elude photographers. "It was not Bieber's fault."

HOWEVER, others inside the department do cite Bieber's irresponsible actions, telling the site he could have simply gotten off the freeway.

"It's like rushing a woman to the hospital who's about to give birth," said a source. "You can't endanger the lives of innocent people, and Bieber did."

Whose side are you on in this blame game?


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ok bieberhater just because your not famous and you don't have anyone to chase your ass does not mean that you got to hate on him because of them paparazzi's are insane and they wan't to take a god damn picture of him it's not his falt that millions of people adore him and they wan't him and not you so shut your mouth and get over yourself!


It's Justin Bieber all the way because them paparazzi's are insane they could of killed him of hurt him really badly and he woulden't of be able to dance and sing again :(




Justin I am 11 years old and have looked up to you for about a year and for you to do something so stupid is so upsetting you need to think about what ur doing before you do it and I'll always be a fan


If Bieber ended up in the hospital he would have deserved it! He should have had his license taken away permanently!! He is a piece of shit and always acts loke he is GOD'S gift to music! He sings like shit too!


Ummm...how can you possibly compare a woman about to give birth to a teenage nothing? You freaking losers. All of you celeb worshipers and idolators are nothing but a bunch of idiotic sheep who all are products of the public school system. WAKE UP PEOPLE....DO SOME RESEARCH ON HOW BRAINWASHED YOU ALL ARE BECAUSE ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS HOLLYWOOD. check out the video called


Did Justin bieber go to prison last Friday for speeding


Ye Justin, you could've killed someone, all because of running away from what you signed up for, that's not fair, just be careful next time, get off the Road, that's all you have to do, or just let them take the pictures, I mean, what would be more costly, you running away to get away, or someone elses death? Really think about it, please.


yaada-yaadyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! wit JB ol d way.


yaada-yaadyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! wit JB ol d way.