Jermaine, Randy and Janet Jackson: Banned From Katherine Jackson's House!

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The Jackson family feud has simmered down somewhat, but relations are still icy as four of Michael's siblings are now banned from their mom's house.

Michael Jackson's kids Prince, Blanket and Paris Jackson - subjects of a bizarre custody feud - are currently staying at Katherine Jackson's L.A. home.

The kids' cousin and temporary guardian, T.J. Jackson, has been advised by lawyers for the Michael Jackson estate on who should not be allowed in.

As such, Jermaine, Randy, Rebbie and Janet Jackson have been 86'd.

Janet, Jermaine

T.J.'s lawyer Charles Shultz says he's instructed the security team accordingly and his actions are "in compliance" with a judge's orders, not arbitrary.

Those on the not-allowed list were either present on July 23 "or in some way participated in the events surrounding that date," Shultz stated.

It was then that Jermaine, Randy and Janet Jackson arrived at Katherine's home and allegedly tried to physically remove Prince, Paris and Blanket.

Randy, Jermaine, Janet and sister Rebbie Jackson have been accused by some of being motivated by money to separate Katherine from the kids.

Michael's will, which left his estate to his children and provided an ample allowance to their guardian (Katherine), obviously stands in their way.

Since Michael's death in 2009, Katherine Jackson had been receiving a monthly allowance of $86,000 as guardian of Prince, Paris and Blanket.

For the time being, that sum goes to T.J. Jackson.

While the four siblings behind the failed family coup aren't allowed at the house, Shultz said they aren't forbidden from contact with their mother:

"In addition, Mrs. Jackson is completely free to talk to whomever she chooses and is free to come and go with anyone whom she chooses."

Katherine Jackson was reported missing July 22, triggering the latest chapter of this bizarre saga. Her whereabouts at that time are still unclear.

Just prior to that, five of Katherine's kids sent a letter alleging their mother is being mistreated by the executors of Michael Jackson's estate.

This triggered rumors that they even staged her kidnapping, but separating truth from fiction in this particular story is a difficult task indeed.

In any case, Friday, Katherine's attorney, Perry Sanders, told the Los Angeles Times that the 82-year-old had reunited with her grandchildren.

He said of her splitting custody with T.J.:

"[Katherine] is eager to enjoy her great relationship with these children, while deeding over some of the stressors that go with being a guardian."

While Katherine was initially "devastated' to lose guardianship, a family insider tells E! that T.J.'s temporary guardianship "is good news."

"It is not about taking [guardianship] from Katherine. They are trying to protect the kids from the other family. T.J. didn't step in to remove her."

"He stepped in because she is not there," the source adds of the 34-year-old son of Tito Jackson. "He is extremely tight with his grandmother."

While La Toya Jackson urged the family yesterday to come to a truce and put this behind them, don't expect the bad blood to end soon.


Family have feuds every day, why should this family be any different? leave them alone to sort out their differences! those children are "Children!"
and need to listen to advice, they might not like it but that is the way it should be!.


Good! Because they have no business being involved in Mchael's children's lives or legal affairs. Their involving themselves just proves they want the money and power...Shame on them!


I beleive that Gladys is probably just as ignorant of the situation as the general public. I also believe that there are some elders that are not deserving of respect. Not all older people are smarter and sometimes there hearts are not in the best place.....maybe we should just stay out of this Gladys. :)


Gladys needs to mind her own business and go crawl back under the rock. The Jackson siblings wants Michael's money. None of them have careers to bring in money for them. Two points to consider : 1) how would you like (as a 15 year old /a KID) to have the one person who is your "only parent" suddenly disappear for days (considering Katherine's age) without knowing where she is or what happened. I think here is where the LOVIng and Religious Jackson siblings character shine bright and true!! 2) If the Jackson siblings were not all leaches why did Michael not leave at lease one of them as his kids guardian. He choose his 80+ year old mother and a friend ...NOT THE SIBLINGS!!


Paris seems like a spoiled brat who craves attention. She's basically Paris Hilton 2.0.

@ Ugh

Money has changed the whole family for the worst. The whole family have problems. If Michael Jackson was all that then why did'nt he leave his siblings something. The family has been going down for a long time. All the fans did was make them rich, but they never did care for the black community, just money.


What's all this respect your elders B.S.? Thank God...Paris tweeted about what was going on! #TEAMPARIS


They are ALL strange even the old lady.


Gladys you 10000% right . Respect you elders .She is still a baby 7 don't know the frist thing about responsibility . She will learn the hard way 7 be dragged through the mud just as her dad was . These news reporters r making money for this story .And the bad thing about it she is telling the family business .Parsi ,Prince , & Blanket keep your mouth closed . You all will be the laughing stock around the world . I wouldn't be surprise if the tabloid wouldn pay one of the for a tell all seceret . And they will do it ,because they don't know any better .The reporters don't have their best intrest @ heart ,they will be the frist one to laugh & tell the story .They r getting paid .Wake up children .Paris got this story out in the opening from the beginning .

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