Randy Jackson Rants: Executors Want to Murder My Mom!

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Katherine Jackson is resting safely at home and has even agreed to split guardianship of her grandchildren with TJ Jackson.

So all is relatively calm on this family's front, right? Very wrong.

Randy Jackson went off on a Twitter rant this afternoon, accusing the executors of his brother's will of an assassination plot against his mom.

Randy Jackson on Stage

"It is my fear and belief, that they are trying to take my mother’s life," Randy wrote of those in charge of Michael's estate, adding that they are attempting to "isolate Katherine just like they did to Michael, in order to propagate their lies, financial agendas and to protect a fraudulent will."

And that's what it all comes down to for Randy, sources say: he is not mentioned in his brother's will and many believe he will go to any length necessary to change that.

"It is clear that anyone who stands up against the Executors of the Estate - John Branca, John McClain and their attorney Howard Weitzman - is denied access to my mother."

What an absolute mess. Try to rest in peace, Michael, even as your family makes that very difficult.

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Sorry but I think the will is valid. Randy has no proof at all. He let the statute of limitations expire anyway and he has no standing to challenge the will.


Gabby- You are a liar!!!! "Sara has syphilis and it's making her lose her mind. She has a nasty disposition and has been spewing her foul words all over the comment section of this site. Ignore her hatemongering and crazy ranting."


Moderators-cuchulain comments should be blocked. If you block sara, you should certainly block cuchilian.


Sara has syphilis and it's making her lose her mind. She has a nasty disposition and has been spewing her foul words all over the comment section of this site. Ignore her hatemongering and crazy ranting.


Michael Jacksons mother is a wonderful mother and Grandmother.The court system needs to continue to check on these children.The older children need to have relationship with their real Mom Debbie Rowe. These chilren are mj. and Prince Michael2(Blanket).Debbie should have the chance to bond with all these kids. When MJ mother passes away they need to be with their real Mom. I don't know who Blankets mother is but he picked two beautiful Moms.


The media has sold the Jackson family as "greedy" with their claims the Will is Fake. I know some of you are too young and can't understand the intricacies of a Will but let me break this down in a language you can understand. Let's say I STEAL your check book and take complete control of it. I forge and sign your name, go to the bank and cash YOUR CHECK for $50. But then I say, you know what I'll give YOU $40 and I'll keep $10. If you are not stupid, you will not be happy cause you got $40 because really, you should have $50. This is basically what Randy is accusing the Estate of doing, meaning they are stealing money from a Will that was NEVER assigned to them. This means they are STEALING and GREEDY.


I am appalled at these nasty comments. I am truly concerned about Michael's kids and his mother. I can understand Jermaine & Randy's need for money with their personal history and previous relationships. I can't understand Rebbie & Janet's involvment, other than to protect their mother. I'm confused as to why the kids were not informed of Katherine's where abouts or if she had a "condition", they are old enough to understand. The poor woman has been through enough in her life time, just leave her & the kids in peace.


It's sad that Randy has resorted to this type of statement. Statements and actions such as this one will prove to the court that katherine would be unfit to be the children guardian because she is in contact with sons and daughters who have hostility towards MJ Estate and MJ's kids.


This is a really sad situation. Mostly for the children, whom need to be taken care of. What actually really bothers me, even more than this story, are the comments. I'm genuinely horrified at most of them. I can NOT believe how many ignorant statements I've read here today. I hope NONE of you are having children.


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