James Holmes to Police: I'm The Joker

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We have a disturbing update on James Holmes, the 24-year old suspected of killing 12 people and injuring dozens more inside an Aurora, Colorado movie theater this morning.

  • The shooting took place at approximately 12:38 a.m. local time.
  • Holmes protected himself with a ballistic helmet, a vest, a throat protector, a gas mask and black tactical gloves
  • Officials believe Holmes acted on his own: “We are not looking for any other suspects,” said Oates. “We are confident he acted alone.”
  • Holmes possessed three weapons when he was arrested behind the theater: an AR-15 assault rifle, a Remington shotgun and a 40-caliber Glock handgun. All were purchased legally.
  • Holmes' hair was painted red and he told police, upon being apprehended, that he was "The Joker."

At last count, 71 people were wounded in this gunman's attack. President Obama addressed the nation earlier today, honoring the victims and asking America's to treasure the fragility of life.

Mitt Romney, meanwhile, has also made a speech in which he offered his "deepest condolences" to those affected by the tragedy and added:

"I stand before you today not as a man running for office but as a father and grandfather, a husband, an American. This is a time for each of us to look into our hearts and remember how much we love one another and how much we love and how much we care for our great country. There’s so much love and goodness in the heart of America."

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Wv peach

@Charlie: Bravo! Well said! It seems everyone has forgotten the tragedy that has happened and turned it into a political bitch-fest instead. I pray the families of those affected find strength and solace......this is truly horrifying.


@All This Time: Be brave. I hear that there's a Washington "think tank" plan to rocket these woefully pathetic nutjobs to other parts of the universe. "To Go Where No Troll Freak Has Gone Before"! They argue it'll cleanse the planet of these losers while bringing down the tax base due to ever decreasing entitlement recipients, and then thru manadatory sterilization of their families--this human tragedy will be averted and thus, not effect future generations. It's curretnly getting a lot of play in D.C.


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