James Holmes Identified as Colorado Shooting Suspect

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James Holmes has been identified as the suspect who opened fire inside a Colorado movie theater early this morning, injuring over 50 attendees and killing at least 12 people on hand to watch a screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

The 24-year old is in police custody.

Sources say Holmes is a former University of Colorado School of Medicine student who dropped out last month. He does not have a criminal record, nor does he appear to possess ties to any terrorist organization.

Authorities raided Holmes' Denver-area apartment today and reportedly found what appeared to be "buckets of extra ammunition" and some kind of chemical inside his home.

Eerily enough, a woman from California called in to ABC News a short while ago and confirmed that Holmes, her son, is almost definitely the culprit.

"You have the right person," the San Diego resident said, adding that she would be calling the police and flying to Colorado.

In the wake of this tragedy, Warner Bros. has canceled the Paris red carpet premiere of The Dark Knight Rises tonight and sent out its thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims.

UPDATE: The University of Colorado has released the following photo of James Holmes:

James Holmes Picture
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The families have requested that the media stop giving the murderer free publicity (and encouraging more murders) by constantly posting his name and photo. Please stop the irresponsible and disrespectful behavior. How about posting the names of the heroes who died saving their loved ones? What are *their* names?


THis is not white suburban america, I was shocked that not a single african amirican was killed. This suburb is the central city of the black community in colorado, this theatre I attend often and as a white male I always feel like the minority at this theatre. The mere statistics should have resulted in a highr number of minority deaths. If I dare say this, I think it might have been a blessing he did not kill a room full of african americans, this may have only made worse a country still stuggling with racial issues. But still shocked that in a dark theatre he did not by pure chance kill I minority, specifically a black patron ,being so many attend this theatre?


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1. Hand him over to the victims families. 2. Take his photo off the media


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