Ian Somerhalder Auctions Himself Off for Charity

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Forget Tad Hamilton, Vampire Diaries fans. You can now win a date with Ian Somerhalder!

The actor has placed lunch with himself up for auction in order to raise proceeds on behalf of the ISF Foundation, specifically with the aim of opening an animal sanctuary. As Ian tells Entertainment Weekly...

Ian Somerhalder, Dog

“A big component of ISF is not just habitat or species conservation, it’s animal protection and youth education. There are too many animals that are abused, mistreated, and abandoned. They’ve been ostracized, they have behavioral issues, and they’re starving. It’s just unbelievable what we’ve done to the animals, and I think that’s why this is so important.

"I think it’s an amazing opportunity for us to show that having compassion for one another - and all furry, scaled, or feathered creatures - is the only way we can progress.”

Submit your bid now for the auction and respond below: How much would you pay to go on a date with Ian Somerhalder?


pay? are you serious? ok. Extremely cute and nice guy, but ...
no way i'm paying for that.He's a person not a product! i'm only sorry if he needs such excuses to prove himself.


I dont have any money but i love ian and i love animals....both of them are to die for! :) i am very proud of ian for doing something so helpful for animals in need! :) but i just hope that the animals get all the care that they need because i am really tired of seeing aimals getting ran over and being abused and abandoned so im happy hes doing that for the helpless! All animals must be happy for ian! He deserves a great big round of applause so i am sorry i cannot give anything but i can hope that everything goes well with his mission and i would love to win a date with him but i have no money! Im sorry


большое количе�тво девушек мира готовы отдать тебе не только 10 000$, а даже �вое �ердце! но, увы у большей половины мира нет даже ча�ти таких денег!
приезжай к нам Ян, зде�ь точно не хватает твоей доброты и духа!!!
у на� нет ни одного приюта дл� животных (� не знаю таких)


I am a huge Animal Lover and I hold twice a year animal adopt-a-thon -" Paws for the Cause" in Las Vegas. We have saved many little furry lives since 1998. Working with the Animal Foundation Las Vegas we save many animals, one little life at a time. Important message - adopt don't shop, please be a responsible pet owner and microchip and spay and neuter your pets and join the fight against pet over population. Don't give-up on your newly adopted pet. My little terrier mix was adopted and returned twice from the animal shelter. A lot of love, patience and training go a long way. You never know what they have been through. Ian Somerhalder is a fine human being with a heart of gold. I truly believe in his mission. Education is empowerment and action is everything!!! Way to go Ian!!!


As much as I would love to win a date with Ian :), I am a single mom who works a min. wage job, I will help out as much as I can though... Help save abused, mistreated, and abandoned animals. I have a zoo running around my house, couldn't help but spoil them all :)


I don't have much money bit I will donate as much as I can to help the animals.


I have $6 dollars...


I APPLAUD YOUR EFFORTS & although I have no $$ I will gladly assist you if the need arises.


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