Chris Brown Lyrics: 13 Unintentionally Hilarious Lines From Fortune

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Chris Brown, on his new album, shows why he's so successful. With its blend of dubstep, reggae, pop, house, ballads and R&B sex jams, it's got something for everyone.

Lyrically, though, it leaves something to be desired. Unless unintentional comedy is what Breezy's going for on Fortune, in which case, bravo dude.

While there are no references to CB's bottle-throwing fight with Drake - his "I Don't Like" remix takes on that subject - it does include the following gems, most of which involve Brown getting his freak on. Karrueche Tran, be warned:

Chris Brown Fortune Album Cover
  1. "If you love me ... then let it be beautiful." ("Don't Judge Me")
  2. "I'm gonna kiss your other set of lips." ("2012")
  3. "Girl, you sure you wanna slow it down / And you start screaming when I go downtown." ("Sweet Love")
  4. "You better not change your mind ... no is not on option." ("Biggest Fan")
  5. "Pretty motherf---er, I'm gonna put you on the wall." ("Bassline") 
  6. "You're a model? I got bottles, pour it down." ("Bassline")
  7. "Pimps up, hoes down / Ass up, nose down." ("Till I Die")
  8. "Said she you wanna check the pole, I said, 'OK Sarah Palin. So I lay down and lay in." ("Till I Die")
  9. "I be smokin' that fire, and she be smokin' my d--k." ("Till I Die")
  10. "You're hear rumors about me / You can't stand the thought / Of someone touching my body / When you so close to my heart / I won't deny what they saying / Because most of it is true / But it was all before I fell for you." ("Don't Judge Me")
  11. "You would think we in a waterbed / All the sheets are soaked." ("Biggest Fan")
  12. "The stupid things I do, I do it for you." ("Stuck on Stupid")
  13. "Hey little mama all that ass in them pants / Drop it like you're single even though you got a man." ("Trumpet Lights")
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I work as a portrait phrtogoapher. Rule of thirds is not something that is understood very well by people. I get really tired of hearing from people that it's not a good picture because the head is not centered There is too much space on one side. A lot of people like to bulls eye their photos too. Don't photograph a single person horizontally with the head smack dab in the middle of the frame. For some reason people like their portraits to look like drivers License photos.




Young person sings predominantly about sex. Surprise, surprise. I don't see the big deal. Some of the lyrics are pretty vulgar but it's nothing new.


for real this man is still a toddler in thinking....let him grow up and have childrens and see what he will be explaining to his children...the guy has talent anyway...


I don't give a fig if he's black, white, brown or purple. Saying the only reason ppl don't like him is b/c he's black is a tired, sad excuse. People don't like him b/c he whines, throws whatever's available, tattle tales, beats up girls, then blames it all on 'haters.' That's what children do.


Sing along with Britney's 'Womanizer.'
woman beater woman beater yeah you're a woman beater
you you you are you you you are
woman beater woman beater, oh you're a woman beater
A big thank you to an earlier poster for the 1st part of the 'song.'


Chris need love in his life not lust he don't have that it's still bitterness to woman. When he has love again you will see the change in his music and the change in him he has to grow so more. And when he does he will put the toys down and play with the big things to make a better future when he gets old for his family he's still growing watch and see how God can change anybody even Chris Brown.




All the haters shut up! God put him here and God doesn't make mistakes ! He gave him a gift that no one will be able to take away from him! So do team Breezy a favor and when you see the name Chris Brown don't waste your time typing a comment because it'd obviously not stopping people from liking and buying /supporting him! He has a Grammy now! Hate on that !


Wow an idiot On this comment page called Chris Brown a loser. He is magnificent, he can do it all even Rihanna wanted him back. I love this fortune album as much as Fame. Chris Brown you are a king of R&B,Pop,Rock AND Rap. Haters go kill yourself.