Bret Michaels Calls Off Engagement to Kristi Gibson

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Every rose might have its thorn, but Bret Michaels no longer has his fiancee: the rocker has called off his engaged to Kristi Gibson.

"Although the couple have separated they remain great friends and are committed to jointly raising their two daughters," the singer's rep tells People.

Nice Family

Michael and Gibson are the parents of Raine Elizabeth, 12, and Jorja Bleu, 7. They were together for 16 years before Bret popped life's biggest question in December of 2010; the moment was caught on camera for a VH1 documentary.

Gibson has been by Michaels' side through a variety of serious ailments over the last couple years, including an emergency appendectomy, a near-fatal brain hemorrhage and a stroke.

He's on a path to full recovery now, but evidently the same can't be said of this relationship.

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Thought Brett was married to a girl from europe in Poisons early years,..what happened?


Outside appearances make you really like Bret. He was amazing on celebrity apprentice. I never watched the rock show you are all referring to. I love that he wants to help others most millionaires really don't care about others, they are living in their own fantasy world. Whoever said Bret should get a job is really out of it seriously? get a job he's a millionaire why get a job???? Coming out of brain surgery he said he really wanted to marry Kristi, but obviously something is holding him back. Rather he did not marry unless he was 100 percent committed to marriage. Divorce would only make thing worse for his girls. Good luck Bret and thanks for caring about other people!


damn everyone is just bashing him... like someone already said no one knows what really happend here. honestly, if he wasn't feeling it then it would be a shame if he did marry her, right. it'd be fake. i'm just nor sure why this hatred is going on, it's not all of you have long lasting marriages, i'm you have all been divorced, or have cheated, or whatever. oh i forgot to notice the halo's on your heads. grow up people, and pay attention to yourself's... -john


Please stop bashing him. First off we don't know what really happen and it is nobody's business but theirs and should stay that way. It could of been a mutual decision on their parts. Why does everyone think that it is always the man's fault. They both may had decided that the relationship wasn't going anywhere. So please just stop putting the man down. If you all don't have anything nice to say then don't leave a comment. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One last thing....this is why women should not throw themselves at some moron like him, nor agree to "move in with him" or have kids WITHOUT a marriage first. If they won't marry you, be glad you found out early and then go find a man with some character.


Bret I hope you read this--you are obviously not a real man. You are a WUSS. The mother of your children deserved a ring A LONG TIME AGO. She has been delicately side-stepping your fat ego and dealing with your mental issues about marriage for a long time. Then instead of her finally getting a little respect you ditch her instead. YOU SUCK, OK ? BRET YOU SUCK


Ok, so not that he has been the greatest role model for his girls, but DAMN y'all!! Give the man a break! Like every man that fathers some kids marries the moms! It is not like Kristi is gonna be penniless and begging him 4 child support they are the only celeb couple 2 raise their kids and not b married......y'all ladies just sound bitter and need 2 move on with your own lives!!!! just sayin!!!!!!!


Bret Michaels DOES NOT know how to stay faithful to any woman. His so-called relationships with Jes (Rock Of Love Season 1) and Taya (Rock Of Love Bus) were a fucking crock. And, he let Ambre (my FAVORITE and winner of Rock Of Love Season 2) get away. What a M-O-R-O-N!!!!! Deep-down, I don't believe that Bret ever intended to marry Kristi (the mother of his children). Every time Bret does a reality show, all he does is make a fucking fool out of himself...beyond pathetic!!!!! Most of all, rocker_ summed it up best...Bret Michaels is a C-H-U-M-P!!!!!!


Am I missing something here? If he was with Kristi Gibson for 16 years then why (besides trying to resurrect his career) was he doing Rock of Love? What a great example to set for his daughters! "Mommy why is daddy kissing those women on tv?"


GROW UP Michaels .....DITCH the blue bandana cuz its not good for your health..the blue dyes no good¡ Get a job an marry the mother of your children if she'll have you¡ Get counseling an LET GO of the 80s¡¡!!!!¡¡¡¡

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