Bret Michaels on Engagement to Kristi Gibson: It Feels Awesome!

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It seems like only a few months ago that Bret Michaels was a walking STD who may have slept with Tish Cyrus.

But the rocker reversed his image via his reality show finale on Monday night, proposing to the mother of his children, Kristi Gibson.

"It feels awesome," Michaels told People of the engagement. "When Kristi said, 'I don't need this ring, I don't need the piece of paper, I love you no matter what,' she took the pressure off."

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Gibson turns 40 on Christmas Day and has been with Bret through the ups, downs and brain aneurysms.

"I love him for him," she told the magazine. "This is the best birthday and Christmas present ever. We'll be virgins stepping into the whole engagement and marriage thing. And with our girls growing up, we'll all have the same last name."

Gibson added that she doesn't want a big wedding and the pair may jet off to a tropical island in order to tie the knot.


After 16 yrs, guess he HAD to finally make her an honest woman~how nice of him...


I think it is absolutely wonderful. When he had the medical incident, it probably brought the realization that he should do right by his girlfriend (who has been there for Bret) the entire time. As for the reality series, come on folks, we all know the only reason it was done was to make money for Bret. Most of the women on that show were and probably still are complete skanks.


WTF???? that reality show is such a load of bleeeeeeeeuuuurk. what a bunch of pathetic horrible women


Not sure I would "marry" him. What is up with having the reality looking for a girl to marry when he has Christy at home waiting with his beautiful little girls? Seems like a publicity stunt to me.


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