Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams and Kesha Nichols: FIRED From Basketball Wives!

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Somewhere, Dwight Howard flashing a big smile ... and not just because Stan Van Gundy will not be coaching the Orlando Magic next season.

Dwight's baby mama Royce Reed just got fired by Basketball Wives along with Jennifer Williams and Kesha Nichols, according to a new report.

It's unclear who will replace them, but the trio is set to get pink-slipped any day now as VH1 looks to drop all "dead weight" from the show.

Royce Reed Picture

Royce (pictured) was cut because she isn't allowed to talk about Dwight due to a 2009 court order, blocking her from discussing him in any way.

That's certainly one way to limit her appeal. Some of the other girls on BW also decided to ostracize her, so Royce was 86'd from the cast.

As for the others, producers think Jennifer's too big a liability after suing Nia Crooks for slapping her on the show. Kesha? She's just boring.

A rep for VH1 said in response to the rumored casting notes, “We don't comment on casting until everything is final. Thanks for checking in.”



That Nia needed a beating too, she looks stupid, talk stupid and she is stupid. Jen should never had drop the law suit. I do want to say this Jen some comment you had class. In away you did, but you need to stop that cursing. You said you are educated so use it to speak, leave the trash talk for the trash, Tami, Evelyn, Suzie.

@ Dee

I agree that's so true


Yes they decided to let the women go with class and keep the trash that refer to themselves as ladies. They are all a disgrace and so is the Shaunie. Tipical egnorant black women. "Ladies" The Ladies were let go and kept the trash.


This is pathetic! Another show that makes black women look like trash! So they kick off the classy women and keep the bullies. I love how shaunie acts like she's good and sweet. She's a fake phony non factor who is boring. None of these women are basketball wives! Will not be watching anymore!


Omg, KESHA!!! I will miss her. I am dissapointed that just because she can control herself and act and sound like a lady, she is branded BORING!! I'm not going to miss Royce and Jen. Royce sounded like a spoiled baby and Jen like a conceited bitch who forgot what it's like to have nothing. At the same time, I am not thrilled they are not kicking Suzie off...she is such a backstabber and an ass-kisser. And why isn't Kenya being thrown out? She isn't more entertaining than Kesha.. It's probably only because she bit the bullet and got on Tami and Evelyn's good side...(bullshit)... Basically the classier, more self-controlled chicks on the show have been kicked off and the bitches that caused Shaunie to have to swallow her pride and apologize on national tv for all the violence and shit are still more respect for Shaunie...not sure if I would watch another season...I'd probably have to skip over the scenes with Kenya, she's a fake bitch...

Mandy dee raymond

Keisha Nichols, Royce Reid and Jennifer Williams are 3 of the only women on the show who could have an intelligent conversation without cussing. They are the only MATURE women on the show. The rest of the women (Tammy, Evelyn, Nia,) are a bunch of immature, violent, bullies. I will not be watching season 5.


yet they keep the physically abusive (evelyn/tammy)???


I really hate that they fired Jennifer Williams, she's my favorite. I liked Royce too didn't really get to know Kesha, anyway I won't be watching the show anymore!


Royce should feel like:
"Good riddens to bad rubbish known as The Basketball Wives."




That's o.k. because Royce is too good for that pitiful show, they just want women arguing and acting like an ass anyway while shaunie sits back and act as if she's queen B, and buck-tooth suzie just spills her stinking guts about others business so the devils don't jump on her,and the angry bird tamie, what else can i say(nothing, but shake my head)and poor evelyn (you shouldn't have married that fool anyway. I know i won't be watching that pitiful show next season.

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