Jennifer Williams: Slapped on Basketball Wives, Slapping Nia Crooks With Lawsuit

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Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams cannot BELIEVE Nia Crooks slapped her in the face on this week's episode, and has slapped her with a lawsuit in return.

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    What a bunch of LOSERS !....Absolutely NO CLASS at ALL ! The only one there with any sense gets bullied by a raging mad cow and gets her purse stolen while the others condone the actions.


    I am sorry that I wasted an hour of my time watching those ignorant, no-class. phony women. They are all ghetto trash and I will never waste another second wasting time watching their trash play out on TV. I feel sorry for any children involved because they have to be subjected to such low-life mothers.


    Time to shut down this show, Tammi and Evelyn, these two have no class, to allow such stupidity is crazy. Jennifer and Royce have more class on their finger that these two women. Tammi, why do you act that way on TV? You have children, what a bad example of a so called woman. Evelyn, you will get what you deserve from Chad.
    The sad thing about Tammi and Evelyn, they think their looks can buy them class.
    Don't get mad ladies, that is what you project on the sceen


    i feel dat jennifer williams did rite for suing nia crooks.she should of got evelyns ass too.dats why chad gon break her poor heart anyway.


    I don't like Evelyn she's a chickenhead from the Ghetto Bronx Projects! She slepts around for money & status and she doesn't even use those access to remove her family from the projects or to hook up her friend's teeth or hair!! Ocho Cinco what are you Doing with a nasty ghetto Hoodrat!! You could and had better, younger classy women than evelyn and definately Richer women with their own Dough!! If you marry Evelyn Don't forget the PreNup!!An allowance agreement cause look what Shaunie did to Shaq!! Tried to wipe him clean!!!


    The basketball wives (a misnomer) o nly hoes not wives and certainly not ladies and not even feminine. Shaunie is a greedy self serving bitch who uses these other not talented women to make money and Tami and Evelyn are her pawns....they are such poor examples of black women ...scuse me eve is a frican rican and ugly at that....light skin and hair do not pretty make.!!!!!!


    Yall are fun to watch. Now I know why none of you are married anymore. What man in their right mind would take you hame and introduce you to his mother. And Royce next time you fake a cry. Wet your face so it would look like real tears.


    Evelyn is insane, she needs a better lawyer and fast


    Jennifer I'm glad that you Royce are civil Tami lunged at you Suzie has talked behined everybody back Evelyn is nothing but you have too much sense to be bothered with these tramp shaunie you are the worst kind of human too let bs play on but you keep letting Evelyn and tammi run amuck Hollywood or flim people wont o touch Tammi forgets that they talked about clothes and hair but mighty she the censors please pull the plug


    Chad look like dookie, Evelyn is a tramp, Shaunie is la misreable, Tammie is ill built and and classless, Suzie needs speech therapy. All yow are shit heads are fun to watch, its like watching a Circus Show. LOL KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

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