Nia Crooks Charged With Battery For Basketball Wives Pimp-Slap

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Basketball Wives star Nia Crooks has been charged with misdemeanor battery for slapping Jennifer Williams on a recent episode of the VH1 "hit" show.

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    So it seems Eve and Jen made up on the reunion show but i wonder if thats the truth. If so then Ev is a fake ass bitch cuz i swore she said she would never ever be friends with her again. Is it because she thinks Jen will drop the chargers cuz if so WRONG the state picked them up Or is it because Shaunie said she would leave the show if the fighting dont stop?. Either way Ev is doing it for the wrong reasons!! As for Nia she needs to get punished. For Susie wow that chic is such a twofaced shit talker if i ever seen and heard one!! The only one i liked this whole season was Keisha, whether she was scared of Tammi or even Wacked out Kenya at least she showed some class and maturity!!! How about you keep Shaunie, Keisha and Jen and let the other LOSERs go! Specially Tami the Bully who states shes not a bully. BS in Caps Tami you are the biggest Bully i ever seen!!!


    Hold on people.....let these women be idiots for their behavior because at the end of the day they are all getting paid in one way or another. Seriously they all need to do a self evaluation and be the role models that they should be to young women of all ethnicities...........#imjustsaying


    lock her ass up - if she hit me like that I would lock her ass up - animals should be caged for the safety of the public. The exhibit should feature - this nut, Evelyn and Tami as dangerous creatures - the next exhibit should have Shaunie and susie as snakes. smh


    I hope they shout this whole bbw show down. Low class jelous hookers, yes tammie evelyn, and shaunie fake ass. And yes you are a ghetto hot mess!


    Let me start out by saying that ALL of these B------ are trash except Royce, Keisha, Jen and Kenya. Tami is an ALCOHOLIC piece of trash, Evelyn is a straight up WHORE!!!!Suzie is a BUTT licker to everyone depending upon who she is talking to at the time. Shaunie is a two-faced instigator!!! Kenya need to beat all of their asses. They really need to take the show off the air or give it to Royce, Jen, Kenya and Keisha and CHANGE the name of the show because NONE of them are married to basketball players!!!!


    Nia needs to go to JAIL do not collect $200.00 go DIRECTLY to JAIL and so doe's Evelyn. They are two BUCKETHEAD BIDDYS. smh


    I can't stand this show anymore


    These women are wannabe wives however they are just shaunie sluts pay them a nickel and they behave like a n. No self respecting dog let alone a man would want this trash. To think that they have children disgust me no respect no reason the black community have sooooo many problems. Evelyn is toxic would accept a tv whore like chad. I would not hesitate to put both tammi and evelyn in jail, they are jealous bullies. Please black men get smart like your white counterparts pay these coons for a one night stand thats all they are worth.


    It is perfectly obvious that Nia Crooks knew exactly who she was hitting; a none fighter. Evelyn planned for Nia to fight with Jennifer, I hope that her home-girl is going to pay for court costs and lawyer fees, etc. Nia and Evelyn it doesn't give you the right to assault a person, simply because you are on a reality show being filmed. Evelyn is mad at Jennifer because she moved on; she is now surrounding herself with different people with a different agenda other than running up and behind millionaire atheletes with hopes of marrying them so that she can cash in. Why should Jennifer continue to run with Evelyn when she has not grown as an individual, she still attributes being in a relationship as her ultimate goal.Evelyn needs to go back to school continue her business in Florida and stop depending on a man to complete her.


    Nia I hope your as go to jail. You look like a fool please a pit bull with thos dark shades on. I guess you though that was going to make you popular. You and evelyn's ass need to go to jail and I sure hope theya can her show. Both of you are trash. Jen is twice better that you things.

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