Rihanna Kisses Justin Bieber ... Cardboard Cutout

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It's hard to blame Rihanna for wanting a piece of Justin Bieber.

She had to settle for a cardboard mask, rather than the real deal though. The star tweeted an Instagram photo of her kissing someone disguised as JB yesterday.

She followed it up with a shot of "Justin" dropping trou. Enjoy.

Rihanna Kissing Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber on the Toilet

Rihanna wrote with the pics, “Me & the beebs yesterday! Shoutout to my photographer @jennnrosales.” That would be Jennifer Rosales, one of her best friends.

Could Rosales be the mystery person behind the mask?

It’s uncertain, but seems like a pretty good guess, as she is featured in lots of Rihanna photos, and hangs out with the singer quite frequently.

Next on our wish list? Rih kissing a faux Chris Brown.


Call me to day send me a pictrues of you


Wath are you do to day how are you hi this is destiny you are my bff i like your music


Don't let the illuminati girl destruct you,justin.Just go on with ur relationship with selena.Good luck!!!and sing best!


this is defanitly some fake ass shit going on, what the fuck is going on in hollywood


All this is just rumors


The Illumnati group is trying to support one another to create false drama to shock and get the attention of the public with their immoral acts ~Chris brown ~Drake~usher~bieber~jay~z~rihanna~nicki minaj~pitbull~jlopez to name a few ~they all signed a deal with the devil~ie spread evil immorality and become stinking rich and famous~and then self destruct�

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