Obama Boy Video Reveals Crush on the President

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President Barack Obama has had a rough couple of weeks, but he's still right in the thick of the 2012 race thanks to millions of his loyal devotees.

Not the least of which: Obama Boy.

The track is a follow-up to the ubiquitous “Obama Girl” video from the 2008 election (although the creators have no connection to Amber Lee Ettinger).

This boy has a crush on Obama, no doubt:

The tune is one and the same, but the lyrics have been updated to a reflect the 2012 landscape, notably President Obama's support of gay marriage.

“I put down my Prop 8 sign, now I’m going to make you mine,” is a notable lyric, as is “You support me unlike the right. You’re my rainbow colored knight.”

Follow this link for EW's interview with the writer and director John Duarte, 29, and Obama Boy himself, Justin Brown, 28, for more on the video.

Then check out the Obama Girl classic below, just because. She's smokin'. These two viral videos definitely show the President's broad appeal ...


It is the classic battle of GOOD against EVIL- and the Obama administration is the most EVIL in American history- Every part of Obama’s life is a LIE and it is covered up by the NEWS-MEDIA to make him look like a decent person- But Obama is a criminal and millions of people know about it- have we become gutless wimps that we will allow this crime against America to exist without opening our mouths in protest?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have to hand it to you Democrat/Liberal F*CKED UP individuals- YOU ARE PRICELESS! I'm sure Obama is so proud of any YouTube Gay " SHOUT OUT" he can get! As time goes its more and more evident that you " SELF CENTERED" Misfits in life will support any political official who gives you a sympathetic ear. Gay Marriage-Legalize Pot- etc. all of you " Simple Simon" punks deserve each other! With a the economic problems going on and you only give a shit about your own little circle! Blame Bush- Tea Party Racist- You Obama followers have sold your hollow -empty soul. You loyalty is on wheels and your " True North" is towards anyone who agrees with anti-establishment mindset. What a miserable wreck of morals.

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