Amber Lee Ettinger became well known for her role as Obama Girl in a series of online videos that became Internet sensations. The hottie...

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We're quite familiar with Obama Girl, also known as Amber Lee Ettinger.

But has she met her match in ... The Incredible McCain Girl!?

We'll find out in the epic clash coming this summer... one that makes the general election between Barack Obama and John McCain seem trivial.

See trailer below ...


Seriously... you do not want to make Incredible McCain Girl angry. She is extremely hot, yes. But she's not as cool when she's angry. Trust us.

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The web's sexist political analyst, Amber Lee Ettinger, is at it again!

This time, "Obama Girl" is telling Hillary Rodham Clinton - whose chances of winning the Democratic nomination for president dwindle with each passing day - to lay off Barack Obama already! See hilarious video below ...


Don't worry, Mike Gravel. Amber Lee Ettinger is still crushing on you. But she also thinks the former First Lady should tone it down a bit.

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Barack Obama may have pretty much locked up the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, but he's having trouble with one voter.

Amber Lee Ettinger, previously labeled as the "Obama Girl" for her YouTube video hyping a crush on the candidate, may be throwing her support - and bosom - to another.

Who could it be? Watch the clip below to find out...


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Amber Lee Ettinger is proud of her body, but that doesn't mean she's willing to show off every bare inch of it.

Indeed, unlike Maria Kanellis, Kim Kardashian or Jenn Sterger, the woman known as the "Obama Girl" appeared clothed in Playboy, simply proving the men's magazine with an interview and a few bikini shots.

Ettinger had the following to say about reaction to her wildly popular video, I Got a Crush on Obama.

"They were saying my boobs are fake, my teeth are fake," she said. "Some said I should take it as a compliment. But I've never had plastic surgery. If I had fake boobs, I'd say, 'I have fake boobs.'"

As one of the first to ever crush on the hopeful Democratic nominee, Amber is looking as prescient as she is gorgeous. Her man is steps away from The White House.

She might wanna avoid Michelle Obama during the campaign, however. Barack's wife may have a thing or two to say about just who is Obama's Girl.

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Amber Lee Ettinger was already the Obama Girl, thanks to a video she made a few months back in honor of Barack Obama.

Now, however, the young beauty has earned a promotion. Check out this new clip and see why Ettinger is the Super Obama Girl:


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Before Amber Lee Ettinger was known as the Obama Girl in one of the funniest YouTube videos of the year, she was voted a Hometown Hottie in Maxim.

Now, however, the model is taking her fame to a new (naked) level: she'll be pulling an Amanda Beard and posing in the October issue of Playboy.

And, unlike the lame Kim Kardashian photo spread in that same publication, this Barack Obama supporter will be donning her full birthday suit for the occasion. Hallelujah.

Come October, you can see Amber Lee Ettinger nude in Playboy. This is the most exciting news we've heard since learning about a Kimberly Bell naked spread.

One person who probably won't pick up the issue, however? The presidential candidate himself. The Illinois Senator was less than enthused with the song and dance number Ettinger made up in his honor, saying a couple weeks ago:

"I guess it's too much to ask, but you do wish people would think about what impact their actions have on kids and families."

Lighten up, Barack. Sometimes baring it all can even be for a good cause. Take the case of Holly Madison nude on behalf of PETA, for example.

So more power to you, Amber Lee Ettinger. Get out there and work it. With enough hard work and practice, you can be this generation's politically active version of Tila Tequila naked.

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Amber Lee Ettinger claims to be the Obama Girl in one of the most popular YouTube videos of the year.

But the swimsuit model recently told Steppin Out magazine that she was voting for Hillary Clinton. That's awkward.

At least Ettinger has the proper, non-Elisabeth Hasselbeck party in mind. We're just not sure why she isn't in the running herself.

She has the looks. The oratory skills. The liberal mind and rhyming abilities. Come on, who wouldn't vote Amber Lee Ettinger for president? Or at least as Barack Obama's running mate?

Amber Lee Ettinger Picture

As far as videos go, Obama's Girl is even better than any Beyonce wardrobe malfunction from earlier in the week.

It may even top the Lauren Conrad sex tape. If there were such a thing, that is.

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