Myla Sinanaj Voicemail to Kris Humphries: "I Have Way More $h!t I Can Put Out!"

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Kris Humphries' ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj threatened to release sordid details about their relationship, according to a voicemail posted on TMZ.

Sources say after Myla and Kris' relationship was exposed, he broke off all contact with her and she was PISSED, calling him 17 times. No response.

Irate, she began dialing up his friends too and threatening to "expose" Kris.

That's when Myla apparently left a message, demanding that Kris stop stonewalling her and return her calls, allegedly threatening to one friend:

"If he's going to play me like that, I have way more sh!t I can put out."

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The voicemail does not show Myla Sinanaj plotting or committing extortion against Kris, as he has claimed ... but he has turned it over to the FBI.

Alleged extortion aside, Kris apparently wants to muzzle Myla because his tryst with her will hurt his divorce case against Kim Kardashian somehow.

Myla's attorney has demanded he apologize and retract the extortion statement ASAP or he will be receiving a nice defamation lawsuit.

Tacopina says Myla was indeed angry when she read that Kris was calling her a "booty call" and that she has proof of a "substantial relationship."

One that involves Myla meeting Kris' parents, helping his sister Kaela shop for furniture, spending many evenings together at home cooking, and so on.

After the voicemail leaked online, Myla Sinanaj apparently posted a flurry of bitter tweets to the NBA star hammering him for that too.

This situation? Real normal.


What do these beautiful women see in this dork. Thought he was a doofuss the first time I saw him, and now I know he is. He must be hiding something in his pants that most women don't see. I hope both women eat him up and spit him out.


Sabina, why r u bashing Myla? The only thing she is guilty of is truating this guy and dating him for 5 1/2 months. Is it bcuz after dumbhump slammed her like he did she came back at him and is sticking up for herself? I used to think ppm bashed Kim bcuz they hate her. Which I think most of ita jealousy. But now they're bashing Myla and noone even heard of her until dumbass to her to Miami. And after dumbhump stuck a knifee n her back tben ppl started hating her too. What is it about hump? R women so n lhv wktb him tbey can't even aee straight or make aound decisions? It is sad. To sew that Myla is gwtting caught up n his bullsshit but I'm glad to see that she is standing her ground. TEAM KIM AND MYLA 100u


You people need to get your facts straight. Kris was dating this chick before he met Kim! He use to talk crap about Kim to Myla! Then he dumped her to be with Kim, and you feel bad for him! He is a low life piece of crap that deserves every bit of the backlash he is getting. He played a game with both of these girls and they are showing him how the game is really played.


Myla needs to go to school and get a college degree. STOP BEGGING FOR FAME AND MONEY. DIRTY SLOT.




I'm glad that she is standing up for herself. That was pretty shitty of him to treat her tbe way he did. What is it with this idiot anyway? He treated Kim like crap and now he's treated Myla like crap. And ppl continue to justiify it and actt like he is a saint. What is so speciial a out him for ppl to find it justifiiable. Kris Humphries is a low life piece of crap who has no business dating cuz he is one dangerous SOB.


They Still haven't fired her from Tribeca Grand???? sick


She looks like a man.


Come on, Kris, you can do a whole lot better than this, I feel so sorry for you. Something is wrong somewhere and you need to take a break and regroup. Obviously, you rebounded with this girl as a way of easing your pain of Kim.
At this rate you would have been better-off staying with your wife because it looks as though Fatmire was controlling you. Since, as soon as the public found out you dumped Fatmire it means that you never really loved her, she simply reminded you of kim. You are lost Kris, I so wished your marriage had worked-out. Try counseling.



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