Kris Humphries Hires FBI to Investigate Myla Sinanaj, Alleged Extortion

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Kris Humphries either has bad luck with women or is a total and complete idiot.

Okay, it may be a lot of both.

But just days after Myla Sinanaj was identified as Humphries' new girlfriend, TMZ sources are referring to the hotel employee as the power forward's EX and also reporting Kris has hired to FBI to look into allegations of extortion against Sinanaj.

Happy Kris Humphries

Attorneys for the free agent have contacted the authorities because they claim Myla has attempted to blackmail their client, demanding a large sum of money in exchange for keeping certain exchanges - in electronic form, either emails or texts - away from the media.

Sinanaj has supposedly threatened to "ruin" Humphries by making this information public.

What could the documentation possibly reveal that would accomplish this goal? Likely something related to Kim Kardashian, which would damage Humphries' plans to milk his former wife out of millions in divorce court.

Either that, or Kris Humphries just has a small penis.



What's Kim got to do with this? And sounds like what Myla is being accussed of is what shithead is doing to Kim. Its a.other example of him trying to play the victim roll. He is a real piece of work.


Keep it real people, who else but Kim would be trying to set Chris H. up.


I am not buying this. The FBI could toss a lawyer in jail for compromising an investigation. They would also need permission from KH to confirm the report. KH is known to not talk to the media regarding anything. I doubt KH had anything to do with this 'leak' of info. Calling shenanegans here, and I'm confident a Kardashian Kronie had something to do with this.


That Myla is a gold digger and looking for 15 minutes of fame. She cared so much a bout Kris she wouldn't bother what comes a round since Humphries is still married the ink is not dry on the divorce papers. She should be ashamed of herself, why would she want money that she has not worked for? Kris has not asked Kim to give him any money but he wants the truth from Kim marrying him for TV ratings and making more money which is a fraud, we dont know if Kris was really dating this woman but I highly doubt it unless Kardashinas have paid her to mess up Kris. Myla leave Kris Humphries a lone he is going through so much right now. Since he has handled this case to FBI that means he is clean Myla is the joker.

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