Myla Sinanaj: Dating Kris Humphries for Some Reason!

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It looks like Kim Kardashian is not the only one to somehow pick up the pieces from her 72-day marriage and move on.

Despite a denial from Kris Humphries himself - after photos leaked of him and a woman on a beach in Miami and he claimed she was someone he only met that day - TMZ confirms the power forward DOES have a new girlfriend. Her name is Myla Sinanaj.

Kris Humphries in Beverly Hills

Sinanaj and Humphries have reportedly been dating since January, with the latter providing courtside seats for his new woman and her family to watch him play basketball.

Sources say she the pair met at the fancy New York City hotel where Sinanaj works. We can only assume this hotel does not ever get Internet access.

Or newspaper delivery. Or cable. Or any medium that would identity Humphries as the immature bonehead he has proven himself to be.

No comment so far from anyone in either side of the couple's camp.

UPDATE: Kris and Myla are no longer dating. In fact, she might sue him for defamation because Humphries is going around saying she only slept with him for money and even ran a personal brothel out of her New York hotel.

Talk about an awkward break-up!


kim is better off without that big head herman the munster look-a-like


You idiots all realize Kim K is a whore, only loves $$ and sed her shit tv show to make her look like some vicrim. it apparently worked on some of you mental midgets.


$$$ get kim where it hurts $$$$


Unfortunately TMZ is rwporting that he has ppaid Myla off to keep quiet. I hope Laura subpeonas her to testifh in coirt about her relatiionship with shithead. There is no bottom as far as he will go with the way he willl treat women. When he goess to court, if he lies, that's purgery and he will pay a high price. I'm loving this bcuz it shows that I have been rite about him thiis whole time.


WOW Kris you have just lost cred with a lot of ppl who were supporting you. You sound like a hypocrite, liar and cheater and now we are seeing more reasons why Kim dumped you: YOU ARE LIVING A DOUBLE LIFE, or at least are quite capable of doing so in plain daylight. You have a lot of undercurrent - a man like you cannot be trusted and Kim felt that.
From the beginning it would have been smarter for you to come out and say that you would be hanging-out with your guy and girl friends with casual non-commitment dating and then be seen out with different girls and/or guys. You are dishonest.


Kris Humphries Dating New Girl-Friend Myla Sinanaj Hot Sexy Photos


why anyone, except equally classless losers want happiness for this creep is beyond me. The only person I think he would get along with is Casey Anthony. I'm sure she would move to Minnesota and if she had to skype with him since Lord knows NEITHER should ever reproduce.


This arrogant bastard might be able to find an attention whore, but it's doubtful she's really attracted to this loser of a caveman. If she wants fame, American Idol is a better bet, just saying.


I hope Kris meets a nice girl and gets married and then lives happily ever after. I hope Kim drops...


Kris Dumphries is such a doucher.I wouldn't have wanted his classless ass around me either or how he brought his dogs to crap and shed all over Kim's beautiful home and yard.He expected her to even sleep with the dogs.Then He was a big slob and ignored anything she said to him about it.He is trash.

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