Myla Sinanaj Fires Back at Kris Humphries, Demands Retraction

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You've gotta hand it to Kris Humphries: when things end for him and a female, they REALLY end for him in that female.

Already embattled in a legal feud with Kim Kardashian, the NBA power forward might reportedly get sued by Myla Sinanaj, the hotel employee Humphries dated for a few months this year, only to then accuse of extortion and threaten with the FBI.

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Joe Tacopina, a lawyer for Sinanaj, tells TMZ that Kris cannot prove any of his allegations and is besmirching the name of his client. And he best cut it out.

"I defy them to show that she has asked for one red cent," Tacopina says of claims that Myla is seeking money in exchange for silence over her relationship with the former reality star. "I challenge them to submit Kris Humphries to a polygraph and if he does I will have my client do the same.  She never asked him for a penny."

In order to milk extra cash from Kardashian in that ex-couple's divorce settlement, Humphries is building a defense that claims he was duped into believing Kim married him out of love - and he's been heartbroken since their split.

But Tacopina disputes this notion, alleging he's in possession of "hundreds of text messages and phone records which show" Humphries regularly contacted Myla and the two were involved in a serious relationship.

Therefore, Humphries would be well served to stop trashing Sinanaj and to stop pretending she was merely a gold-digging hookup.

"There will be a retraction and an apology by Humphries and his lawyer," Tacopina says. "Or else."


Demands?! who the fuck is she to demand?! and the Tacopina Prick should go pull his dick somewhere. she i just a little slut. everyone knows she works at tribeca grand, big deal. her life in ruined in NY. should have kept her mouth closed & off her knees.


Did anyone notice that in the reality series, Humphries is always saying, I was set up, this was done behind my back, wawa wa over minor and beige situations (i.e. when he went on the golf cart ride alone in bora boar with Kris Jenner. Someone should have been paying attention. This guy has played the victim from the beginning. How the hell can this 7 footer expect a court to believe that has been done in by two five foot women, and the rest of the world in all probability. Save the drama for mama in Minnetonka.


I want to know the name of this Attorney who called that poor girls employer, why is it not published anywhere??


Well Joiya, wby don't u lleave Kim and Myla one? Shithead has no respect for women. He wouldn't b n the public I if it. Wasn't for Kim. And now he has drug Myla nto hiis bs. This guy obviiously has a.lot of double standards. He treated Biank like crap. He bullied Kim and member of her family then bllamed her when she left. Then dated Myla and back stabbed her completely. If u think this kind of behavior is acceptable then u must b aa llonely individual.


This is bullshit! Kris is a good guy! She a hoe! Leave Kris alone Kim K. Lovers! She a hoe too! Team Humphries all the way! Arf Arf Arf!!!


She is a total whore. I work there. She preys on Athlete's when they come to stay at Tribeca Grand Hotel. On Superbowl Sunday she Insisted she Bring the food to a Room full of Players. She's Not even Room service ! Shes a Front Desk Manager ! Enough with the Prostitution. People can't put him down. He doesn't know shes a Call Girl who works at Hotels for Extra Money..


They are both losers kim slutbag and big boobhead he hooked up with kimmy the skank and this other girl was being a hook up too both are scumbags court will settle it maybe the judge will screw both losers.


Kris Humphries Dating New Girl-Friend Myla Sinanaj Hot Sexy Pictures


Jayjay I agree. I will always be on Kim's side. He knew what he was getting into when they got together. He knew who she was. I don't or never did feel sorry for him.


Well all I'm gonna say is that he and Kim have some things in common:
1.they do things for attention
2.they do things for money

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