The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Put a Ring on It (or Don't)!

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This week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, one aspiring housewife was hoping - practically begging - for a ring, while another potential candidate was less than enthused by the idea of her man proposing.

How did it shake out? Find out in THG's +/- recap!

It seems Vicki's found something about Brooks that's a little less than perfect. His teeth. Specifically, the fact that some of them are missing.

She's treating him to a set of new chompers. Minus 10 because I can't ever unsee the pictures of his missing teeth. And also because Vicki won't let the doctor talk.

Tamra Barney, Eddie Judge

At dinner, Tamra tells Eddie about her trip. She says she and Alexis "got into it a little bit." A little bit. Gee, Tamra, I think you're leaving out a thing or two.

Eddie's taking her to Bora Bora. Next week. After she just got back from Costa Rica. I hate her. (Not really.) Minus 25.

Alexis has an on-air reporting gig. Plus 10 for keeping her cleavage under wraps this time!

It's a fashion segment, and given that she's a fashion maven, this should be a slam dunk, right? It actually seems to go well! Good job, Alexis! Plus 10.

Tamra and Eddie are headed to Bora Bora. She wonders if he's going to propose and doesn't want to tell the other women she's going in case he doesn't.

She says she feels closer to Gretchen than to Vicki because she can be herself and speak her mind around Gretchen and she can't with Vicki. Then Eddie says "enough about the women" and toasts to the two of them. They're drinking champagne before sunrise. Plus 10.

Once they're on the plane, Eddie surprises her. Massages as soon as they land! Not a proposal! Yet!

Get it Together Slade!

Heather's throwing a party to celebrate her name change. She wants a fun, chic cake to be the centerpiece of the party decor. Heather has great faces for when she disagrees with people and wants to give herself time to think of the right way to say she disagrees. GREAT FACES.

They finally settle on a cake with edible diamonds. Plus 15.

Tamra and Eddie's plane lands and he hands her a coconut bra instead of a ring. Then kisses her Frankenfinger.

They have tiny little bungalows on the water and the only way to get there is by boat. Jealousy makes me want to take away all the points but Tamra's tears over her happiness with Eddie and the fact that she actually put on the coconut bra (and then took it off once in the water) earns her a Plus 30.

Gretchen calls her dad about Slade and says that she's seen a text on Slade's phone from a local jeweler. She's upset that he's talking about a ring when they've decided that now's not the time for him to propose to her. Dear old Dad is almost no help saying only that she wouldn't want to ruin a surprise. Minus 15 for the doublespeak Dad.

Slade Smiley Photo

Back in Bora Bora, Eddie and Tamra are having dinner on the beach. Once again, she thinks now might be the time when he'll propose. The Tiki man comes by and lights the candle on their table to symbolize their love on Bora Bora. Eddie still hasn't proposed. Tamra's examining every bite of food to see if there's a ring in hiding.

He brings up the fact that at some point it'll be time to bring their households together. She says she doesn't want to do that until there's a ring on her finger. He says to chuck tradition out the window because he's not traditional.

She asks to go back to the room. Minus 40 Eddie.

Gretchen confronts Slade about the text from the jeweler and asks him point blank if he's planning on proposing to her. "Yeah, I am," is his reply. She's not ready to get married and he's having this conversation with everyone else instead of her.

Gretchen wants babies but wants Slade to get his act together beforehand. Slade says proposing isn't about getting married but is about telling her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Slade wants to know what Gretchen would have said if he'd proposed. She says she doesn't know.

Tamra's decided she's just going to enjoy her time in Bora Bora with or without a proposal, so they're going scuba diving. Eddie says he wants to get her a black pearl. Not a diamond. A black pearl.

Tamra and Eddie

I'm not the one looking for a ring and I'm as nervous about this as Tamra is.

Eddie tells Tamra her lips look like Alexis' in the scuba mask. Plus 5.

In case you were curious, Brooks' new teeth set Vicki back $15,000. But he's not an opportunist.

At the bungalow, Tamra and Eddie open the clams they picked up while scuba diving. Inside the last clam, is a ring! Finally! It's beautiful! Plus 75!

Congrats, Tamra and Eddie!


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