Lindsay Lohan Exhaustion Claim Prompts Union Investigation

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Two Hollywood unions are scrutinizing worker safety and welfare on Lifetime's Liz & Dick movie set following Lindsay Lohan's exhaustion incident last week.

Lindsay reportedly passed out so hard after four marathon days that a doctor found her unresponsive and called 911; paramedics found her to be just fine.

Lohan later joked about exhaustion and cute paramedics on Twitter, but two unions aren't laughing. Rather, they're concerned about workplace safety.

Lindsay Lohan on Glee

Larry A. Thompson, producer of the Lifetime movie starring Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor, said Wednesday that no violations were found in one union’s review.

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of TV and Radio Artists confirmed it visited the production and “will continue to visit” to enforce guild rules.

“We spoke with representatives from the production company, and they are fully aware of their contractual obligations,” the guild said in a statement.

"We will ensure that all applicable penalties will be paid."

IATSE, the stage employees union, said it’s keeping a watchful eye on the production’s working conditions following Lohan's four-day, 85-hour claim.

“We have had union representatives on the set since last Friday and will continue to monitor the hours and working conditions there,” the group said.

Filming has been rocky for Lohan thus far, to the surprise of no one. The star also was involved in serious car crash on her way to the set on June 8.


Im a nurse. I work 80 hours in three days at times in a major trauma center. And this Isn't just me, this is all the health care, first responders, police, etc that give their lives to save other people. Considering I judge no one due to the types of patients I see .. But from someone in their mid-twenties as well seeing this crap - people get a life #1, realize that there are so many heroic people in this world that work FOR FREE to make a difference and then you pity this drama queen "I'm rich b***h" - well im not but I know that I have more wealth in knowing I work my a** off to make a difference. Grow up.


Serious she's sick? Spoiled Brat equals sick now a days. How about dont stay up all night partying, drinking, snorting, smoking or whatever she's doing that would keep her up all night. No one else was complaining on the set about being tired. Just complaining that this piece of thrash makes this movie ruined before its finished.


Lindsay is sexy. If I was a man Id marry her. :)


you think you all are soooooo cute. You are lucky you dont know me.


we need to support lindsay. YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK. DRAMA??? THE GIRLS SICK. LEAVE HER ALONE. pick on someone that actually deserves it. Lindsay is gonna be okay. she hasnt died yet!!! in 1 more year with um... rehab and thearpy that girl is gonna be more 1000 times happier and better.


lindsay boo your in my prayers. You have the most beauitful smile! chicks hot, ;)


Lindsay we love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get help.


YOU CANT JUDGE ANYONE. POOR LINDSAY NEEDS HELP. and her parents are 100% the blame. Not her. She deserves to be happy. To get back to singing and acting. She comes from a bad enviorment. She needs to be happy and have friends, family, and kids and a hubby. she looks very anxious. she just needs support. she will heal. Lindsay your inn my prayers sweet child. DONT LISTEN TO THE HATERS. THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your have potentional.


More drama...who would hire her in the first place?


Dumb Stupid paramedics. How to Administer Medicine: For an unresponsive Lohan place a 5th of Jack on mouth and wait 2 minutes. That would fix the problem!

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