Lindsay Lohan Jokes About Exhaustion, Cute Paramedics

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She may be a hot mess, but at least Lindsay Lohan has a sense of humor.

It's back to the grind for the troubled actress, who was found unresponsive and treated by paramedics Friday after a 911 caller reported she was unconscious.

Back on the set of her new movie Liz & Dick the same day, Lohan - whose rep said she suffered from exhaustion and dehydration - was laughing it off.

"Note to self..." the 25-year-old actress Tweeted afterward.

Lindsay Lohan, Yellow Sunglasses

"After working 85 hours in 4 days, and being up all night shooting, be very aware that you might pass out from exhaustion & 7 paramedics MIGHT show up @ your door."

"Hopefully they're cute. Otherwise it would be a real letdown."

Hopefully they were indeed. Well played, Lindsay Lohan.

Her rep Steve Honig said that Lohan "was examined and is fine" and said her condition was due to her "grueling schedule" on set of the Lifetime movie.

Honig added that no drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident, which is probably true ... but it tells you something that he even needs to say so.



Im happy shes gay. It makes her REALLY hot. and god doesnt judge. LINSAY WE LUV U!!!!!!! HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY COMIN UP. Everyday is an addventure. and you are one of gods greatest creation. you are prettier than beyonce, britney, miley, demi, hilary duff and u just have that natural smile. and pretty freckles. you LOOK banging sweeet. i want u to be happy. SEXY BOO. :p


heather u r correct.i just think people should be proud of their sexuality race the way u were created.


@Janet what does gay have to do with anything? Who cares if shes gay? And the cute paramedics could be woman!


24 times 4 is 96 hours. Which means she was off for only 11 hours in 4 days. That translates to a little under 3 hours a day. Can we assume that there was 85 hours of filming. NOT. They are filming a movie outside my office now and they have been sitting around all day and filming in small bursts. which means she was probably in her trailer a lot. So let's stop the nonsense news about her "exhaustion".


Okay... but really, do we have to keep playing this game? 'Exhaustion' and 'dehydration' are just words that publicists use when they have to explain why their clients have paramedics swarming the property. And really, anything that comes out of Lindsay's mouth is a complete lie 99.9 percent of the time anyways so really, it could have been any number of serious ailments. The sky's the limit, with Blohan.


OMG.... I just LOVE Lindsay Lohan! U go girl! She's sooooo incredibly attractive! I'm a Lindsay Lohan fan for life! Love her, love her, love her! I wish I were one of the paramedics to go to her house..... Would love to give her mouth to mouth! U need a man, call me Lindsay! I'm always here for U!!!!!


She is so mad


second she needs to cool it partyin.put her work first.she obviously doesnt have respect for the production.most peep her age work-college both


first of all shes bro is gay.everyone in gay comm. know shes gay.shes only foolin media and straight peep say param r cute


I think I can see her nose growing. 85 hours in 4 days, it's oblivious she doesn't know what the word work means.

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