Dredd Trailer: The Post-Apocalyptic Enforcer!

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The upcoming film Dredd, based on the British comic book character Judge Dredd (who previously inspired a Sylvester Stallone vehicle), has a new trailer out.

Starring Karl Urban (Star Trek, Star Trek 2) and Olivia Thirlby (Juno), Dredd will not be a sequel or a remake of that film, but a fresh look at the character.

Probably smart, as Judge Dredd was one of the worst films in the history of human civilization. Okay maybe not quite that bad, but still. Anyway ... trailer:

Dredd takes place on a post-apocalyptic fictional Earth, where law enforcers (or judges, if you will) have the power to use brutality to stop notorious criminals.

The titular character, for those unfamiliar, is basically this mysterious, fierce lawman in world where law enforcement equals judge, jury, and executioner.

Badass. Hey, the zombie apocalypse is nigh. It's good to know that when those undead freaks take over, someone like Dredd will be on our side.