Karen Klein to School Bus Bully Kids: Apology NOT Accepted!

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Karen Klein, the now famous school bus bullying victim, says she does NOT accept the apologies offered by two of the Greece, N.Y., kids whose taunts drove her to tears.

Klein, 68, has said she will not press charges or pursue any action against the terrible teenagers, claiming she feels sorry for them and their parents.

Accepting yesterday's apologies from the bullies, however? Not happening.

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Asked if she forgives the children who harassed her in light of the statements issued on Friday, she says, "Not really," and simply adds "I think they can do better."

Two of the devil children wrote the bus monitor letters after the video went viral this week and their 10-minute verbal torture session of the woman was exposed.

Klein also got a letter from the parents of a boy who participated. She and her daughter say they're not ready to forgive, though, given what she went through.

Klein also has a few suggestions about how the kids should be punished, including bans from both riding the bus and sports at school for a year or more.

Considering what she endured, that could be considered lenient.

Watch the video that started it all after the jump ...

The kids, whose names we are not posting here, have reportedly been the targets of death threats and harassment themselves since this broke.

Regarding the HUGE donations she's received from sympathetic Internet users, Karen Klein is nearly speechless - a windfall of $550,000 will do that.

She plans to donate much of it right back into charities supporting both Down Syndrome and autism. There's your silver lining to the above awfulness.


Your 'american dream' is becoming true and karen and those children and their parents are just part of it. I cant blame those kids cause THEY R JUST 13! Infact i feel sorry for those kids, they didnt know what they were doing, they were just following what socity tech them, get jelous, hurt others, dont show any respect to others and etc...(its a long list) and what about the rest of the life of those kids? Can you imagine how dark it is after all this! Its not about black or white. The problem is much biger, american socity is infected and and its spreading in the rest of the world fast like a deadly flu virus, god help up all!


@ fdom Are you really serious? You're going to ask if they were black and then say that black children are out of control? Sorry to break your heart, but not all black children are out of control thank you very much. And what if they were black, white, asian or mexican? DOES IT REALLY MATTER!!!!?? And what are you trying to say about black kids not having a father and all that? Does that really matter to you too? Other kids that aren't black are out of control too. It's not just one race, it's all! Apparently color matters more to you rather than the real situation that's going on here. Grow up, it's 2012!


I don't see anywhere that the 10 minute bullying which nets hundreds of thousands of dollars will be used to help others - wounded veterans, abused women, hungry children. She won the lottery . . .


Suburb trash on suburb trash violence seems to always get the front page around here...


I can't believe anyone is saying stuff like this. You would have all done the same if you were in her place.. If you watched the video she told them to stop. It became so popular because she is an elderly woman and there 13 year olds are torturing her. I can't believe how parents can raise kids like this. It disgusts me.


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were the bad kids on the bus black? cause black children are out of control. no fathers to teach them how to behave. epidemic problem.


I am only fifteen and this has been taken over the top.Why are you guys saying racist things?


I thought about it, and some of you are right. I know that sometimes you just gotta be the bigger person and take charge, not weep, pity yourself, & get uptight like this woman did. Now that she was compensated wrongly, we're gonna have a nation of crybabies following in her footsteps.


Here's $500K for not being able to handle a bunch of 13 year olds in which you were paid to do in the first place. Only in America do we reward the inept.

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